Awards, Accolades, and Admirers


This award was given to Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat by Cheryl Moore whose blog Unbound Boxes Limping Gods is a wonderful place to get lost and fall in love. Her characters are diverse, complex, beautiful, tragic and sometimes horrible. Much heart-felt gratitude, Cheryl. I am so flattered that you enjoy my rambling.

Now here’s the rules.

Post the Sunshine Award image, answer the following 10 questions and note 10 blogs you wish to nominate.

Ten Questions:

1: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? (answer) In a sea-side, windswept house somewhere along the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

2: What’s your favourite time of year? (answer) Summertime, when the living is easy.

3: Which words do you hate most at this moment in time? (answer) Hopefully and supposably — basically any words used or pronounced most improperly.

4: Which words do you like most at this moment in time? (answer) apropos, protested, and couche-tard.

5: What are your favourite and least favourite terms of expression? (answer) I absolutely adore alliteration, unexpected rhymes, and neologism — to a point.  I loathe LOL-speak, lazy language, and those who lack loquaciousness.

6: Which writers/artists/Musicians inspire you most of all? (answer) Neil Gaiman, Amanda Palmer, Brian Eno, Chuck Palahniuk, Alan Moore, Nick Hornby, Siouxsie Sioux, Morrissey, Tori Amos, Grant Morrison, Salman Rushdie, Ani Difranco, Steve Martin, Andy Warhol (obviously), David Bowie, Dr. Seuss, Patti Smith, Robert Smith, Kevin Smith, The Smiths, the list goes on and on, darlings!

7: What is your greatest passion? (answer) Passion itself! To try everything, to fail or succeed, but to have tried!

8: Who do you love most in the world? (answer) The Countess Penelope of Arcadia.

9: What’s your favourite animal? (answer) the elusive bird of paradise.

10: Where can you be found online, other than wordpress? (answer) Tumblr, Twitter, here there and everywhere…

And now to the bloggers I’m giving this Sunshine Award to:

Nominations to follow shortly…

1. Andra Watkins‘ blog The Accidental Cootchie Mama has been inspirational to me in showing me what dedication means. I’ve only been blogging here for a short while, but if you spend any amount of time perusing this fabulously funny blog, you’ll learn that Andra is committed — or is that should be committed, I can’t decide, darlings. Her writing on everyday life is clever and just the right amount of unintentionally colourful, and her prose fiction reads almost like the best stream of consciousness poetry, in that its disconnection and staggered pacing only adds to its allure. For her willingness to share and encourage others and her unabashed experimentation with writing, my first nomination for the Sunshine Award goes to Andra.

2. I delight in the irony of nominating Maggie Mae for the Sunshine Award, whose blog maggiemaeijustsaythis is as dark as dark can be. Robert Smith on a grey day hanging out with Sylvia Plath kind of dark. And, I can’t help but confess, I find her pain delicious, darlings. She’s no more self-indulgent than any other depressive, but knows how to craft imagery that resonates with the reader, without screaming ‘self-pity’. This is no Twilight-obsessed woe-is-me poetry, this is heart-felt, this is the open vein bleeding on the page. If you like your writing passionate and dark, check out Maggie Mae’s blog.

3. One of my new favourite writers is Jen over at elmowrites. I confess I have only recently discovered her writing by participating in Friday Fictioneers, but I find her writing to be incredibly real and tangible. She has an excellent grasp of phrasing, and truly crafts stories using only the best possible words, like a chef choosing the finest ingredients. What’s interesting about Jen is that she is happy to share the process with her readers, often sharing multiple drafts of a story to show not only an alternate reading, but also a glimpse into the craft of editing — which is as important to the process as the actual writing. So in light of the fact that her most recent tale begins with the line “Evening fell like a night from a Dickens novel…” I would like to award elmowrites the Sunshine Award.


tumblr_m8pwxcu2og1ryewx5o1_500I’m taking this as an award — the “All the Pretty Bras” award, from Jennie Saia. It’s awarded to the best-supporting bloggers. I’m not really going to hand it out, but if someone wants to run with this, be my guest. It’s just a nice collection of bras.

Give it to someone who lifts your spirits and separates you from the doldrums.



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5 responses to “Awards, Accolades, and Admirers

  1. That is seriously the best description of my blog I have read. Thank you so much! I especially liked “she’s no more self indulgent than any other depressive” LOL Fantastic!!! Thank you.

  2. hi Helena

    I actually decided a while back not to accept award nominations – I don’t have the time to do them justice and I feel uncomfortable with the way some people use them. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought and care into your nominations, so thank you for thinking of me and especially for your generous description of my writing and blog. I love it when my writing resonates for people, especially one of my fellow writers.
    If you prefer to take me off the list, because I’m not carrying it on, that’s obviously fine with me. I hope my stories, and the editing process that goes with them, continues to work for you.


    • Ah.. I am really quite new to WordPress, so I’m not entirely sure of the etiquette concerning these awards. I merely intended it as a compliment. Like they always say, “It’s an honour to be nominated!”
      As you’ve said, I’m choosing carefully (I was awarded this several weeks ago and have only now “awarded” my third.) and so I’ll leave you on the list. For me, the point is, people who come here get my recommendation of your writing.

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