Doing it right takes time

Hello all. I am SQUEEEEEEEEEEE excited like a little girl.

I’ve been reading up on creating multimedia e-books.

Three years ago, when JESSICA was published, I created an iTunes only Deluxe Edition that had an audio clip embedded right in (non-iPad users had an audio link to a Soundcloud file).

Why did I do this? Am I some sort of Apple elitist? Do I hate Android users? One more question:


Nope, it’s just that Apple has this app called iBookCreator (or some such) and it made it really easy, drag and drop.  I had no experience with Adobe InDesign, and was just learning.

Well, I’m going to tell you now of my plans for the next (6?) months.

Right now I’m working on INCARNATE, the third book of the JESSICA story, and I already have some multimedia ideas that are going to make this book like nothing you’ve (probably?) ever seen.

I hope this will see the light of day by April 1st. No fooling. I like publishing on April 1st. It’s a well established thing. Trust me.

Also, now that I know how to do it, I’m going to go back and Remaster JESSICA for epub, mobi, etc…

I’m going to Remaster SINGULARITY with some added Easter Eggs…

And last, I’m going to package the finished trilogy as JESSICA: a meta-fictional horror in three parts, and publish the book in Hardcover/Trade Paperback.

I’m actually exploding with story ideas, too. Right now I literally have outlines for three novels written, two longer short stories that might end up novella length, and I’m a quarter-way through a script adapting one of my stories into a graphic novel.

Thanks to any of you out there still reading, because as much as I’m writing for me, I’m writing for you as well — whether there are 6 or 6000 of you.

Maybe you all can help me choose what to write next. I’ll post more about that soon.


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