Thursdays. Even the sound of it is sexy — reminiscent of a cat’s purr. Thurrrrsday. Imagine Eartha Kitt saying it, and it’s purrrfection.

Today is Thursday, Thor’s day, really, and the weather outside is frightful (but the fire is so delightful) so blame that Norse god of thunder for the rain, but just don’t blame it on the rain, or else Milli Vanilli might come WAY out of retirement and sue you — though really, they were just two lip-synching dudes and not the songwriters at all so I’m not sure who would sue you.

Wow. What a dated reference slapped in the middle of an impossibly long sentence. I mean, I haven’t seen such run-on sentences since Dickens. It’s positively Dickensian, I tell you.

So, to recap – today’s post features cameos from the late Eartha Kitt, Thor, Milli Vanilli and Charles Dickens.

I think they deserve a big round of applause. Applause like thunder.

Have a good Thursday, wherever you are. Me, my roof is leaking. No, that’s not a metaphor. I’m soggy.


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