Thirty-Seven (a teaser)

The first teaser of a new story is up on WhoIsJessica today.

Who is Jessica B. Bell?

This is a teaser. This is ONLY a teaser. If this were a real emergency, well… anyhow, here’s the opening of a new novelette/novella, what have you. The entire story will be available soon for your favourite e-reader. If you enjoy, I may post more.


“Thirty-seven… thirty-seven… thirty-seven…”

The woman held her dirty knees with ragged hands, fingernails all chipped or missing, and pulled them to her sunken and emaciated chest. Rocking back and forth on the floor of her cell, she repeated her mantra with blank, unblinking eyes. Her hair had taken on both the consistency and nothing-colour of old straw, and her skin, covered in sores, hung slack on her thin frame.


This time, it almost seemed to be a question.

“What does it mean, Doctor?”

The man exhaled and scratched the back of his head, as if considering what to tell his young apprentice. The…

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