Is this thing on?

I’m not going to bore you with excuses why I haven’t written.

2016, am I right? What the holy hell? Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen — GONE.

The United States of America elected Emperor Nero (you history buffs will understand exactly what I’m saying here — everyone else will have to Google it), and nothing will ever be the same again.

Me, I’ve spent the last while debating whether to disappear completely, never to be heard from again, but here I am, writing a silly little blog post. Hello to one and all, I hope that you are well, that you are happy and that you are loved. I hope that my American friends out there are safe and sound, and that they will continue to fight the good fight. I hope that my Trump supporting followers out there get exactly what you deserve.

But enough about that.

Anyone who has been around long enough may remember CHUK, the novel I wrote serially a couple of years ago now on this very blog.

Well, I’m writing again. A story called Thirty-Seven, which is not a sequel, prequel or any sort of -quel to CHUK but does, it turns out, take place in the same universe. SO, if you enjoyed the creepy Jessica B. Bell novel, stay tuned for something new coming in the next little while.

If this goes well, I will turn my attention back to the temporarily postponed third book in the JESSICA trilogy, entitled INCARNATE. If it doesn’t go well, I suppose I may just retreat into my basement and wither away in the dark.

But I’m excited about the story. And I hope you enjoy it.

In other news — did you know that my collection of strange tales, VISCERA, is now available?  All the links for the different outlets can be found HERE

I promise it will scare you, make you laugh, and make your stomach churn in the very best ways.


12 responses to “Is this thing on?

  1. Thank you for each and every one of your silly little blog posts. I, for one, am pleased that you are around, and have not disappeared completely. You’ve added value to my life. Thank you for being. Thank you for writing.

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