Around the World

Last year, I wrote a book called SINGULARITY in collaboration with four other writers, as well as contributions from several other writers, artists, and fans who just wanted to be a part of the madness that is Jessica B. Bell.

I ran a successful Indiegogo campaign (let’s try to forget about the Pubslush fiasco…) and one of the prizes was a copy of the book signed by all five writers and the lovely Hastywords who once again provided the cover art.

This meant sending the books to New Zealand, then to the UK, then to several cities in the USA and then finally up to me in the great white north of Canada.

Everything moved along fine until a few weeks ago, when it seemed that the package got lost in the mail.

Panic, heartbreak and much sobbing followed.

And then I got a message saying that the box had been located, and was being sent to me via UPS.

TODAY, I picked up the package.


I think it is quite the accomplishment, even though it took so long. Thank you to Michelle, David and Sam for being so patient.

This comes at a very fitting moment, as I am just gearing up (and yeah, there’ll be more official announcements later on) to begin the 3rd and final (?) book in this Jessica cycle. Yes, that’s right — there’s going to be another Jessica book. Stay tuned.

If you haven’t read JESSICA or SINGULARITY yet, you can find them (and my other books) on my AMAZON PAGE


13 responses to “Around the World

  1. Phew, I saw the picture of the box, otherwise I would seriously bite my nails there where you mention a lost box!
    I am very happy for you, and looking forward to news and announcements for the third book!

    • Hi Selena,

      I am looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of Cyanide and Cherries. Wish the world weren’t so big, so we could grab a coffee and chat about it.

      • Hey HeKen, just let me know how do you want it? I can send a PDF of the book to you right away. If you want to buy it or something, I suggest Lulu, and let me know, so I set it on discount for you!
        You know hearing your opinion or getting an advice or a review from you would mean the world to me, I care a lot about what you have to say!

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