Okay, so forgive me for pillaging SUPERNATURAL — feel free to be playing AC/DC’s Hell’s Bells in your head while you read this recap of the road so far. I thought that not only would this provide a good place for you to catch up on what you may have missed, but also, an interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes, how many people are involved, and all the work that goes into writing a novel and promoting and publishing it.

In March, I began writing what I didn’t at first even realize was the sequel to Jessica — until I wrote the last line of the opening salvo, and realized that that creepy fucker, Jessica B. Bell, had returned.

I began recruiting collaborators (and formulating an idea in my head of exactly what these collaborators would be writing, and how I was going to incorporate them into the tale) and offered the job first to some of the writers of Jessica, two of which took me up on the offer.

Then over the next month or so, other writers were recruited, ideas were discussed, a couple of writers bowed out, and then the manuscript began to really take form. Early on, I was sparked on by two things. The first kind of came to me in a dream — a strange question, really, and that was: What if Jessica B. Bell had written The Velveteen Rabbit? The second, and as I read all about this, I became fascinated with the concept of the technological singularity, and how it was a perfect metaphor for the relationship between a writer and their creations. And so, when exactly I can’t remember, the book found its title, and I shared this idea with the other writers, who responded with curiosity and excitement.

Then I approached Hasty, who’d designed the ever-so-creepy (and iconic, if you ask me) cover for JESSICA, asking her if she’d work on the cover for the new book. I knew what I wanted, and that’s the great thing about Hasty, is that she’s excellent at taking my ideas and turning them into reality — I sent her the most ridiculous looking sketch of what I was looking for, and she turned it into gold.

Characters were defined… Lizzi Rogers gave Liza, Sandy Ramsey gave Bren, Hannah Sears gave Harris, Sara Litchfield gave The Man, and I brought Zoe and Victor to the table.

Once the book was written, it was passed around for editing and proofreading, and we went into promo mode — a daunting task all its own. But we wanted to make it fun for us and for you.

On June 1st, you got your FIRST GLIMPSE AT SINGULARITY

A little while later, you got YOUR SECOND TASTE

That wasn’t enough, so WE GAVE YOU A BIT MORE

Then you got to meet the writers of SINGULARITY, as we each shared a new story with you.

Helena Hann-Basquiat

Sara Litchfield

Sandy Ramsey

Lizzi Rogers

Hannah Sears

Then came the cover reveal, with a movie-style trailer… only the first of several to come.

Over the last few weeks, Tamara Woods has been interviewing each of the writers and giving a bit of a peek into each of the characters. Not only were there some great interviews, and a sneek peek at some of the graphics included in the novel, but each week, we gave you a new trailer focused on each of the characters.

(This couldn’t have been done alone — SO many people go into this kind of thing, and I hope they all enjoyed the fruits of their labour — thank you, Team Singularity: Crystal Cook and her son Michael, Zoe & Jessica Abell, Serins, Jim Squires, Gretchen Weber Kelly, Katherine Abell, Tamara Woods and everyone who shared these videos.)

Haven’t seen them yet?

Meet Victor

Meet Harris

Meet Liza

Meet Bren

Meet The Man

Meet Zoe

Then a couple of reviews from advance readers came in (I’m assured there will be more!)

And now, tonight is the big launch party, running tonight and all day Saturday, where you can hang out, mingle, chat, share music, and most importantly, PRE-ORDER SINGULARITY. Not only can you pre-order the paperback or e-book, but can also get signed copies, posters, book bundles and more.

The LAUNCH PARTY CAN BE FOUND HERE. If you’re my friend on Facebook, you’ve already been invited — drop on by. If you aren’t yet my friend on Facebook, well, you should correct that.

There will be door prizes, music, virtual food (remember when you could send people virtual food, drinks, and even SHEEP on Facebook? I promise not to defenestrate anyone) and as a special treat — revealed here for the first time — the writers of SINGULARITY have produced an e-book collection of frightening stories called VOICES, which will be available on Amazon on August 4th, but you can get your copy TOTALLY FREE just be attending the launch party.

I’ll leave you with the amazing cover by Hastywords.  See you tonight.

Voices cover



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