Broken, or, All the Useless Beauty

Remember how I said I can’t draw for shit?

Yeah, I really can’t. But that didn’t stop me from dabbling, creating pen and ink mosaic-type stuff, just trying to express myself when words failed.

Of course, I made melancholy art. Like this piece, about a fool being in love with an aloof woman.

The title’s nicked from an Elvis Costello song.



6 responses to “Broken, or, All the Useless Beauty

    • Vijaya, I have missed you, my friend. Mea culpa, of course, I could have reached out at any time. Thank you for coming by. We have a lot to catch up on as you can imagine.

      • Missed you, too! I was just reading your post “The Heart/Sleeve Conundrum” — and it struck me how real you are, despite all that hiding behind a persona. I am amazed that you did so much, wrote so much, published all that you’ve published, despite your conflicted feelings about it all. I feel the same way, of course, and I’m nowhere near where you are with writing, replying, being so active and imaginative.
        I’ll try to keep writing, nonetheless.
        I look forward to more of our discussions.

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