blind love

Some more poetry for you…

 i can’t see the stars
             i don’t see sadness in your eyes
             my pen is wandering
                                in a paper Gilead
             somewhere, dancing and scribbling
             with a lovely
                            pink Bic fine tip
             i saw once

             i can’t see the night 
             its dark shadow can’t lure me
             the street lights shimmering
                                  in a paper doll town
             where faces, white and emotionless
             smile blindly
                            though crying, inhumanely
                    they dance

              i can’t see myself
              only my face in Your eyes
              a glint of the love of a child
                                    You hold me close
              ‘til my tears, bittersweet raindrops
              turn to sunshine
                              as my smile reflects in
                        Your eyes.

6 responses to “blind love

  1. This is really lovely, Ken. I have mostly sworn off reading poetry on blogs because so much of it is poorly done–as if the blogger composed and posted it in 15 minutes without taking time to craft it into an actual poem. You, on the other hand, clearly took the time to hone this piece. Thanks for that.

    I have a batch I would like to post sometime, but I’m having utter fits with getting it formatted properly for WordPress. It just sits on the page looking like mangled prose. How did you pull this off? (Or is that a trade secret you can’t share?)

    All my best,

  2. Hi Marie Gail, I am only reluctantly posting some old poetry — going through it and seeing what will not embarrass me. As for the formatting, you have to copy it from your Word doc and when you paste it (into the OLD WordPress tool) make sure the type is set to PRE-FORMATTED rather than PARAGRAPH.

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