Cyanide & Cherries

The first new thing I would like to introduce you to is called Cyanide and Cherries, a name which has been graciously given by Oloriel at Color Me In Cyanide and Cherry. In fact, it was her poetry that was the catalyst for this project, and she has been a major contributor as well.

I had recorded an album about 7 years ago, and had bookended the album by two spoken word pieces backed by music — and not some ambient, new age, waves crashing and seagulls crying while Yanni plays the panpipe, but actual rock music. I’d always had it in the back of my mind that I’d like to do more of this someday, and now the time seems to be right. And getting to collaborate with other artists is always interesting.

Thank you for checking this out — it’s a bit experimental, and you may have never heard anything like this before, but I hope you enjoy it.

The first track recorded was actually from some time ago.

It’s called “…and that’s when the nicotine kicks in” and is written by me, and is a complete DIY project. Words and Music by H.K. Abell. If you’re curious about the specifics, I use Garageband, and have used drum loops and additional programming, but then play keys and guitars and vocals.

The next track, really the first new track for Cyanide and Cherries, is called “Dark Night of the Soul”, and the poem was written by Mirjana Miric Inalman (Selena Oloriel Moonshadow), the music written by H.K. Abell. Selena also contributed the Serbian vocals you’ll hear accenting my own. Again, I used Garageband drum loops, then added keys, guitars and vocals.

I took a softer, more dramatic approach to “Luna”, a poem written by Jennie Saia, which features Jennie on vocals. The music was composed by H.K. Abell and Becky Peters.  I used a Garageband drum loop, Becky played piano, and I added synth strings.

Tin Pan Alley Blues (A Dream in the Key of D) is an acoustic tune with a burlesque style surreal narrative over top. I played an Epiphone jumbo acoustic, synth strings and drums, and performed the vocals.

City Is… is a late night groove with poetry written and performed by Jeffrey Rossetto. Music by H.K. Abell. I played bass, electric and acoustic guitars, and arranged drum loops and samples. All samples are royalty free.

The Harlequin is a dark and dirty track with and angry and cinematic feel. The words are few but pointed. Music and poem by H.K. Abell. I performed the vocals, played bass, electric guitar, synths, and arranged drum loops. Additional guitars by Matt Fogel and Zoe Abell. I have used an instrumental only version of this track as the score for the video trailers for SINGULARITY.

I Have Something You Can’t Leave Where Fast Friends Can Get Their Sticky Fingers All Over It is my magnum opus of poems. Where the words are few for Harlequin, the words are all over the place here. It’s angry and cynical and full of bile. I performed the vocals, synths and drum loops, and guitars.

Cyanide and Cherries is copyright H.K. Abell & Selena Oloriel Moonshadow, 2013, with lyrics copyright the respective writers. Any unauthorized publication without permission and proper recognition of the artists is strictly prohibited.

…and that’s when the nicotine kicks in – H.K. Abell

Dark Night of the Soul – Mirjana Miric Inalman (Selena Oloriel Moonshadow)

Luna – Jennie Saia

Tin Pan Alley Blues – H.K. Abell

City Is… – Jeffrey Rossetto

The Harlequin – H.K. Abell

I Have Something You Can’t Leave Where Fast Friends Can Get Their Sticky Fingers All Over It – H.K. Abell


2 responses to “Cyanide & Cherries

  1. Can’t wait to dig in and listen to these! Thanks for posting. I’ve been using Garageband too, since other DAWs seem to have a long, steep learning curve while GB is pretty straightforward. Did you ever try Ableton Live or something like that?

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