Meet the Writers of Singularity – Hannah Sears

Meet the next writer of SINGULARITY – Hannah Sears – and enjoy a terrifying tale of hers.

Who is Jessica B. Bell?

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 4.41.12 PMHannah was born and raised in the land of ten-gallon hats, spurs, and endless skies. After finally relinquishing her dreams of becoming a witty archaeologist with a flair for danger or swashbuckling and drinking her way through the Caribbean, she decided to follow her third (and most realistic dream) and become a writer. She currently resides in Boston (also known as the ice planet Hoth) where she is one year away from a Master of Fine Arts degree in fiction.

She can be found blogging at and occasionally at 1:1000 (

Hannah was part of the original Jessica project, and dabbles in all things creepy with her own stories as well. Here’s a piece you may want to handle carefully — the tension is so sharp you’ll cut your fingers.


“Gawd,” Chief Burnett let the metal blinds snap shut again, freeing his pudgy fingers. “It’s still…

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