Meet the Writers of Singularity – Sandy Ramsey

SINGULARITY is getting closer! Big news and cover reveals and release dates coming soon – but first, check out this story by Sandy, who is one of the contributors to the upcoming sequel to JESSICA.

Who is Jessica B. Bell?

Profile Edited 1Sandy is a writer. She is also a wife and a mother, a daughter and a friend. You can find her on her blog, An Honest Sinner, where she writes about her addiction and other character flaws as well as the things that make her life unexpectedly amazing. You can also follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

You may know Sandy from her amazingly frank autobiographical writing, but when she puts her mind to fiction, she knows how to cast a spell.

Living is the Best Revenge

The shadow was great and frightened Vanessa so that she actually tucked into the steering wheel. That must have been an enormous bird, she thought to herself as she straightened and drove on.

A chill ran down her arms, odd considering the heat of the late summer day. This happened frequently when her mind was tired and she yearned for a…

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