Top 40 – A Retrospective – 1988

You’re going to have to forgive me if I get spotty and miss a day or two, darlings — I’m doing some heavy editing (like heavy petting — no less sweaty, but with less friction) for the upcoming book, and it’s a time consuming process.

As the ’80s drew to a close, you’ll notice a distinct lack of synth-pop. Loud guitars were coming back into vogue, as well as the beginning of a folk revival — this would, interestingly enough, give birth to the sort of hard/soft dynamic that characterized a lot of ’90s grunge.

The Pogues – If I shoud fall from grace with god

This is probably the most recognizable Pogues tune, except for maybe a Fairytale of New York (also on this fantastic album.)

Morrissey – Viva Hate

Suedehead — you know, Morrissey dabbled in some dodgy things — skinhead culture being one of them. Still — a great tune.

Pixies – Surfer Rosa

Iconic. So many great tunes on this album. Cactus. Gigantic. And this one, which you may recognize from the closing of Fight Club.

Joni Mitchell – Chalk Mark in a Rainstorm

A lot of great musicians on this album — including this duet with Peter Gabriel

Timbuk3 – Eden Alley

I told you this album was great. I just found it on vinyl, still in plastic. Score.

Melissa Etheridge

This debut album is fantastic, and I played the music right off the cassette in high school.

U2 – Rattle & Hum

I remember getting this album for Christmas this year, and playing it non-stop. I understand now why the critics shit all over it — first, because they’re critics, and second, because it felt like a fan album. What the critics didn’t seem to understand was that U2’s fans LOVED that… the idea that these big famous rock stars lost their shit and went all fanboy at Graceland, or at SUN records. I love this album still. Fuck the critics.

Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation

Just listen. Before Nirvana, before Smashing Pumpkins, before The Strokes, there was Sonic Youth.

The Waterboys – Fisherman’s Blues

Played the shit out of this album over the years. Need a new LP, if anyone’s listening.

R.E.M – Green

I still have no idea what this song means. But I love it.

Cowboy Junkies – The Trinity Session

MELLOW YOUR  MIND. When I used to play Sweet Jane, I played it this way. Lou loved it, too.

Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – Shooting Rubberbands at the Stars

Flashback to 1988, and this fantastic album will get under your skin. I wish I could tell you she made 20 more great albums, but the best I can say is she married Paul Simon.


18 responses to “Top 40 – A Retrospective – 1988

  1. In 88 I was in a Steve Winwood phase. Jeeeeeeezus….I still love Steve.
    Oh…where is Don Henley’s album? LOL! Its bad, but I was 9, so you can’t really judge me. A couple of these were being played on my boombox, though.
    ::::swooning over Michael Bolton classics::::

    • Me and Art Garfunkel believe the pairing between leggy free spirit Brickell and Paul “Napoleon Complex” Simon is proof that karma doesn’t exist. On the other hand: short, fugly talented guy gets the tall hot hippie chick? Depends on perspective. I saw Edie in a bar once in the pre-What I Am days and she was even more beautiful than on MTV.

  2. 1988 was an amazing year for music–I posted a series of songs from that year last month, but totally neglected the Pogues. I had a neighbor call the police on me for this record–I was washing my car and NEEDED to put the stereo speakers in the window….the lady down the street took exception.

  3. Rattle and fucking Hum! Yes! I have the DVD too. I don’t care what they say, it’s a classic. Lines from every song on that album still randomly pop into my head all these years later. (And I’m still snort-laughing over your Edie Brickell Paul Simon comment up there^^)

  4. Shove me in the shallow water… LOVE that song! Is marrying Paul Simon really her only other claim to fame. Sad. And Cowboy Junkies–that ethereal voice is hypnotizing.

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