What is Singularity?

JESSICA fans — you’ve heard me chattering about SINGULARITY — here’s a bit about what the project’s all about, along with a short teaser.

Who is Jessica B. Bell?

Singularity is like an acid trip without the flashbacks.

Singularity is unconventional.

Singularity is frightening.

Singularity is a little bit horror, a little bit gothic, a little bit Sci-Fi, a little bit meta-fiction, and a hell of a mind-fuck.

Singularity is like nothing you’ve ever read, and yet you will find flavours of Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Mary Shelley, and Ray Bradbury.

Singularity is the sequel to JESSICA, and features the writing of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Sara Litchfield, Sandy Ramsey, Lizzi Rogers and Hannah Sears.

If you haven’t read JESSICA yet, you can read Chapter One HERE.

It’s available in paperback or e-book HERE.

And now, a short snippet from Singularity, coming later this summer from Dilettante Publications


“She’s delusional,” Michael said. “I think she might possibly be schizophrenic. I hear her talking, whispering and laughing as if she is having a conversation with someone only she can see.”

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