Top 40 – A Retrospective – 1987

Okay then… where were we?

Sorry about the break — I got sick and neglected my Casey Kasem-esque duties.

I remember 1987 vividly. I remember The Joshua Tree — I remember having a poster of Sting up on my wall. I remember R.E.M. becoming huge — was this the “birth” of alternative music? It’s funny — by the time I got to high school a couple of years later, everyone was talking about “alternative music” and it was all the music I was listening to — all everyone I knew was listening to. I wondered what it was alternative to. Whitney Houston?

U2 – The Joshua Tree

You’ve heard Where the Streets Have No Name, and I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and With or Without You….

But this song always gets me.

The Cure – Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

This album is actually an acquired taste — it doesn’t have the hits on it that the casual Cure fan would know, except for Just Like Heaven. But the opening track — The Kiss — is blistering. So beautiful and pure in its anger.

Marillion – Clutching at Straws

Again, I didn’t discover Marillion until long afterward, but I love this album — it’s Fish’s (the lead singer) last album with the band — a paean to excess and decadence with bittersweet overtones about burning out. SO many great metaphors in the lyrics — Warm Wet Circles is fantastic.

REM – Document

A friend and I use this album as a sort of benchmark for a band’s perfect album. We’ll say — it’s their Document. I liked R.E.M. up to this point, I loved them ever afterward.

The Smiths – Strangeways, Here We Come

Okay… stop me if you think that you’ve heard this one before….

Sting – Nothing Like the Sun

Admittedly, I haven’t listened to this one in a while — but in writing this, I remembered why I loved this album, and will be listening to it today.

INXS – Kick

I got this from my grandmother for Christmas. It bored me at first, and then it grew on me.


9 responses to “Top 40 – A Retrospective – 1987

  1. yes, i lived through this and i remember everything vividly too – one more week left till I see Bono again. 🙂 great post.

      • they can never disappoint me – every time I see them I love them more. I’m a die hard fan. x I will let you know!

  2. I just want to say this series of posts you are doing are amazing, because its like you highlight the things I adore and then help me discover more of it. (It sucks to be my age and have no friends who ever even heard of Marillion!)

    • Thanks for the earworm, young whippersnapper. I recently inherited a record collection with some odd entries, such as a 45 of Quiet Riot’s Cum On Feel the Noize. You’ll notice very little hair-rock in my collection.

  3. OK, so now things are sounding more familiar. I’m only a year younger than you, so yeah, this is starting to sound like high school to me, too.

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