Meet the Writers of Singularity – Sara Litchfield

Over on WHOISJESSICA.COM I share the first author bio and new fiction from one of the contributors to the upcoming novel SINGULARITY. If you’re not already following at, now’s the time — all SINGULARITY related material will come from there.

Who is Jessica B. Bell?

me2Sara is a summer writer excited to throw her fiction at the world and see where it sticks. She is the author of dystopian thriller The Night Butterflies and blogs on happiness and hope at, which is also home to her editing business and publishing division, RIW Press – all aim to make the right mark on the wall of the world.

Born in the English midlands, Sara earned a Masters in Theology at the University of Cambridge before becoming a reluctant big-four accountant in London. She is now recovering in the southern hemisphere where she devotes herself to all things words and wonderful from her base in Middle Earth (sometimes known as New Zealand).

Here’s a sample of Sara’s writing — a creepy story about bureaucracy in the afterlife…

Why She Goes Back

            The girl perched on the edge of…

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