Medicine Woman – Friday Fictioneers

I’ve gone but not far, darlings. I’m going to do my best to participate properly over the next couple of days, and that means reading your stories (this is how it’s supposed to work, and why I’ve been absent — I didn’t feel that I had the time to adequately participate.)

Today’s story is inspired by a photo by Santoshwriter and weighs in at exactically 100 words.

Enjoy, and read the other stories, or consider entering one of your own by clicking the little blue frog at the bottom.


ff_santoshwriter-1Immookalee knew the medicine well — the good and the bad.

Her daughter danced through the woods ahead of her, careless and joyful. She’d danced before she could walk, and the tribe named her Ayita, meaning first to dance.

Ayita’s father was a wicked man, with strange lusts. Immookalee should have seen it, but it had been too late for her now disgraced older daughter.

She gathered healing herbs with Ayita, passing down her craft.

“What about these, mama?” the girl asked, pointing to a low growing plant.

“Never these, daughter,” Immookalee warned. “Those are what I fed your father.”



31 responses to “Medicine Woman – Friday Fictioneers

  1. Sound like he deserved what he got. Nice story. (One v. minor point – with the third para starting with ‘her’ I thought you might still be referring to Immookalee, since the second para also starts with ‘her’, which made confused about whether it was Ayita’s father or grandfather who was doing the abusing.)

  2. Oh my God I love this! Your mind is so exotic!

    I also love names with specific meanings. “Samara” means “protected by God.”

  3. Dear Helena,

    Immokalee knows her plants, doesn’t she? Sounds like daddy got planted by an herb. Neatly handled. I love it that they’re dancers.



  4. Very intriguing take on the prompt. I like how you hinted what ending will be at the start.

  5. Great to have you back, Helena, and thank you for your comment on mine which has led to a new version and hopefully a better one. I love the fierce love between your characters her and the realism throughout. Sounds like father took his medicine in the end.

  6. Helena, great to see you back around here! I hope you’ve been well these days. Great story. Sounds like the daughter is learning which plants are for healing and mercy, and which ones are for justice.
    Take care,

  7. Outstanding piece. I was thrilled to see you on the Hollywood Squares author’s block this week. You always bring something special to the potluck.

  8. Oh, this is excellent. I love this exotic take and where you went with this. It’s such a compact story, but so rich. I like how her name means “first to dance.” Is that real or fiction?

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