To the Man Who Doesn’t Do Chords

My first introduction to B.B. King was when I was thirteen years old and U2 were touring around America, discovering all sorts of rock and roll roots music that Americans were already familiar with (hence, this didn’t go over nearly as well as they’d hoped, and so they had to go away and reinvent themselves and came back all campy and leather-clad with Achtung Baby.)

But there was a man — B.B. King — a living legend — who indulged the wide-eyed rock stars, and graciously lent his trademark riffing from Lucille and his gruff blues voice to a track that is unforgettable.

Rest in Peace, big man…


9 responses to “To the Man Who Doesn’t Do Chords

    • That would have been something. I’ve got my list of people who are getting up there and I keep worrying I’ll not get a chance. I never saw Bowie, and he’s adamant that he’ll not tour again. I’ve never seen Dylan or Neil Young, but perhaps I’ve missed the boat on them…

      • I saw Dylan a few years back. The one I’m afraid I will miss is Bob Seger. He was in the general region and I didn’t go because the only person I could find to go with me was a man and it needed to be an overnight trip. Warren wasn’t keen on that idea (of course he wouldn’t go either)

  1. Hell to the yeah the world lost a great, musically talented, lovely man.❤️ Thank you for included this video I’ve never seen it before and I’m so glad I did. 😃

  2. I heard sooo many past interviews with B. B. King yesterday. He really impressed me. He was quite humble and REAL. Not like so many so-called stars today. Too bad the era of a man like that is going by the wayside. Young folk today would benefit from hearing his past interviews and taking a page out of his life play book. A uniter, not a divider.

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