image07On April 1st, I released not one but two books, because what the hell, why not? The first was Volume Two of Memoirs of a Dilettante, and the second was a tale too big, too silly, too Shakespearean to be contained with the pages of Memoirs. Yes, darlings, I wrote a Shakespearean-style play, in mostly iambic pentameter with the occasional rhyming couplet and sonnet thrown in for good measure. I used wickedly foul language and made reference to other Shakespearean plays because again, why not?

Here’s what people are saying about Penelope, Countess of Arcadia:

“With vignettes, asides, and a stunningly well-executed disregard for the fourth wall betwixt playwright and reader, ‘Penelope’ had me laughing so hard that chocolate milk came out of my nose…and I hadn’t had any!” – Lizzi Rogers

“I can’t get enough of this story, or Helena’s writing in general. So if you’re a fan of Shakespeare, wild and inventive insults, a reference to everything that you hold near and dear to your childhood, great writing, plays, or even just words on a page, you’re probably going to like this play.” – Martin Conterez

“It was an irreverent read about a real dilemma. I enjoyed the dialogue, the asides to the reader, and the general writing. It has to be challenging to create a story using so many references to Shakespeare and maintain the style, but Helena was masterful in her treatment of this.” – Pamela Beckford

“This book, this story of the vortex of justice and injustice, of thieves and lovers and friends and law – like a bridge between the time when Shakespeare was still holding a quill with his own hand and our precious, dirty 21st century, inspires, teaches and most of all, provides passion and fun with its pages.” – Selena Moonshadow

“People….you are missing out if you do not read this play. I was laughing so hard in the first few scenes that I literally fell off my bed. I was in tears. And I HAD to read it out loud. The play just screams for a vocal reading. And that was only Act 1!” – Jessica Scott

“So much fun! This was a delight to read as Helena shows her mastery of wordplay with the sharp and lewd wit of a Shakespearian sword. I’d like to think the Bard himself is laughing, as I certainly was.” Lisa Kramer


If you already have a copy, enjoy and review!



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    I just adore everything that Helena writes. Her irreverence off the chain and then there is Penny. Her beloved niece, Countess of Arcadia, who deserved her own story for so long. The wait was worth it. Penelope, Countess of Arcadia is hysterical. The Bard would demand to play the part if only he were still with us. Go now, buy your own copy. It is worth every cent.

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