Dark Globe (Wouldn’t you Miss Me?

Did you miss me, darlings?

C’est la vie (or is it guerre?)

Je ne sais pas, darlings, but it is with exquisite pleasure that I am here, stretching my writing muscles like a cat after a nap in the warm sunshine.

Record Store Day was lovely, and Montreal was full of Couche Tards, but more on that later, I suspect.

There’s a melancholy song by a melancholy and sadly disturbed guy named Syd Barrett that you may or may not have heard of — he was one of the original members of Pink Floyd, in the early days of acid-rock and sort of mystical folky-psychedelia, before they started producing the staples of Classic Rock stations everywhere.

But poor Syd went bonkers, as they say — one too many trips on Timothy Leary’s magic sauce — and left the band. Syd did go on to make two wonderful albums with a little help from his old band mates, who really did try to make it work for their tortured genius of a friend.

This song is one of my favourites, and when I learned it was being issued as a Back To Back 45 on Record Store Day, I made sure to get a copy.

The A-Side is Syd Barrett’s original, Dark Globe

The B-Side is R.E.M.’s cover, which is definitely worth hearing.

The Countess Penelope of Arcadia sends her regards, and wants to know how you enjoyed her book?

Penelope, Countess of Arcadia is on sale now.


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