Sangra Nuestra Vida el Ayer

Hands on the wheel keep your eyes open wide follow the white lines take the curves slowly slowly slowly or you’ll crash you need to sleep she said I’m in too deep he said do you dream she said I scream he said and screamed and screamed and screamed as the guardrail rushed at him and his hands spun the wheel heart racing racing racing breath catching catching catching in his throat which bore the invisible scars of giving up a hundred times and it’s the little things that resuscitate a broken heart it could be orange juice and banana chocolate chip muffins it could be really good coffee it could be a silent hug that speaks more than a thousand angry words life is hard she said I’m so scarred he said love the pain she said it’s my champagne he said and toasted to life life life and sangra nuestra vida el ayer leave the pain and the blood of the past in the past life is hard life is hard life is life.

Whatever you deem worthy of aspiring to attain

Is worth spending some days standing alone in the rain.


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