Invitation – Friday Fictioneers

copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Do you think they’ll come?” Penny asked, nervously squeezing my hand.

I shrugged, and pushed back on the porch swing, enjoying the slight breeze the movement created, making every drop of sweat feel like the cool condensation from a ice cold glass of sweet tea.

“I’ll always love you, no matter what – you know that?”

I nodded, unable to speak. My mouth was so dry I couldn’t pry my lips apart.

“They love you,” Penny said. “They’ll love you even more now.”

“They don’t know me,” I managed, and licked my lips with a tongue like sandpaper.

“So let them in,” Penny urged, and then pointed down the trail. “Look! Here they come now.”


Today’s a big day. For two years, I have been Helena Hann-Basquiat — not just writing under that name, but to anyone who cared to interact with me, I was Helena. Some of you have been here all that time, and if you want to know who I am behind the mask, then you need only GO HERE AND READ my confession, or whatever you’d like to call it. I will answer any and all questions you may have. Thank you all for reading. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of this community.



36 responses to “Invitation – Friday Fictioneers

      • I’ve just read sympathy for the dilettante which certainly puts the piece into perspective. I wouldn’t say what you’ve done is that unusual though. It’s certainly impressive, breathing life into a character so completely is an impressive achievement for any writer. I certainly understand the desire to test the strength of your writing based purely on content.

  1. I think I’m even more in awe of you now that I’m aware of what is under that mask. A little more aware? I don’t know how to phrase that. The creativity involved now to create what you’ve created just blows my little “let me tell you about my life” blog out of the water and I’m happy about that!

    • Hi Deborah. I’m a terrible blogger. And my past is too strange and sordid to make sense of in any normal way. So I had to dress it up in other clothes and put it into a narrative to make it palatable. If you’re interested, my second book is coming out very soon — check out my pubslush button on my site for more info. Thank you so much for your compliments.

  2. The nerves are clear and all the more interesting because this story is real life for you today. I’ve left a more detailed comment on the reveal post itself, with regard to that, so for your story I shall just say Bravo and that I look forward to more from you whenever you can fit us in.

  3. The high anxiety an anticipation prior to the big reveal. Very nicely done! I didn’t quite get it until I went into your reveal post. It is nice meeting you no matter what you call yourself.

  4. I thought this was an interesting take (a person meeting the other half’s parents perhaps), but then I read the reveal and of course now I understand where you were going with this.

    Nice 100 words, and hope all goes well with your reveal.

  5. Wonderful story and thought provoking confession… It certainly surprised me! But I love Helena’s character, well done on her creation! Though I am very sorry for the bad bits in the confession, I certainly support you and Helena in whatever you do 🙂

    And again, great story this week !!

  6. I’m a slow reader. Always have been. Yeah, I can skim for content pretty quick if I want, but here at Helena’s place I never want to skim. I want to linger. Yet the irony is that the writing here is quick, snappy, and bright. You hold my attention like no other writer. I love your writing and your stories. I will always come, if you’ll have me.

  7. Dear Helena, or Ken or whoever. To me, you are still a very interesting person – more so now that I have read this blog about you. If you think I am mysterious well, I am not. I’m boring but I am loved by my husband, my four sons, and my 14 grandchildren, a twin sister with her entire family, and so many more not mentioned. I like your story so, you are still Helena to me if that’s what you want to call yourself, I’m Nan (not Nancy, not Nannette – just plain Nan). Anyway – it doesn’t matter who I am, you are still a good writer. Nice to meet the real you. Nan Claire Duggar (yes those people are my cousins) and my last name is Falkner. Bye.

  8. I love the feeling of nervous anticipation you imbue this piece with. We’ve all been there, wondering if anyone will come. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, under any name. 🙂

  9. Who knows what hides behind a name, a picture, a smile? Sometimes even I doubt what I see in the mirror. It changes nothing, the talent is still there. I am curious who would be bothered by the truth, as always negative reaction speaks volumes about the people giving it.

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