It’s Not Fun Anymore, Not Even For Me

copyright Ted Strutz

copyright Ted Strutz

“What do you do when it’s not fun anymore?”

“I unplug, and take a bath,” she said, cradling the phone between her cheek and shoulder. It nearly slipped on her tear-slicked face, but she managed to keep it in place.

“Ah, is that water running?” he asked with a flirtatious lilt in his voice. “Are you naked?”

“Not now, Tom. Time to unplug. Good-bye.”

She’d tried so hard, but he hadn’t wanted what she had to offer.

He wasn’t the only one.

The pills were taking effect. Holding the razor tightly between exasperated, exhausted fingers, she whispered:

“Time to unplug.”




50 responses to “It’s Not Fun Anymore, Not Even For Me

  1. Horrid stuff, Helena, but frighteningly real with it.You do a great job of putting us right beside her in that bathroom – involved but helpless. Ace wordsmithery, my friend (I know it’s probably not a word, but it should be, shouldn’t it?)

  2. Hmm, so familiar, I wonder, is it the voice of experience or the narrow escape that makes it so?

    When you write, it is always breath taking, even your darkness you’ve turned to art…such talent deserves a world stage.

  3. Helena,
    you did a great job of building the foreboding up to fever pitch throughout until the last line. Unplug has so many meaning, doesn’t it?
    (This is just fiction, right?)

  4. Dear Helena, I had a favorite Aunt that killed herself. What she did to her children was the worst. My cousins suffered and it just didn’t seem fair to do that to your own kids. It really is a tragedy and the jerk who she’s mad at will probably have a new love in two weeks. I don’t think any guy or woman who has been done wrong should resort to this. Just change your life – Just Do It! Nan

  5. That was gut wrenching. I wish she’d just use the razor to shave her legs instead. What’s that they say about live hard, die young, and leave a good looking corpse?

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