The Pitfalls of Trying to do it All – An Apology and 18 Thank-Yous

It occurs to me, darlings — sweet, patient, kind and loyal darlings — that I owe some very wonderful people an apology, and I pray your patience while I attempt to explain and then make amends.

Recently, eighteen kind souls agreed to present the reveal of the cover to my upcoming release – Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two, coming soon (see Publush page for more details) and the plan was to post a great big THANK YOU post (of which I am only now getting around to) letting you know all about these wonderful people.

But then things got weird for me, as things are wont to do in my world, and everything kind of got put on hold as Penny, Spenser and I all held our breath to see what was going to happen to Penny, who suddenly had a shitstorm of trouble dropped in her lap. But more about that later. The good news, the very good news, is that All’s Well That Ends Well, and that affair hath ended well, as the Bard would say.

Then inspiration took me and I got carried away (be patient and I will be faithful) and started writing something new (because what does a busy dilettante do while planning the release of her third book but start writing a new one?) and almost forgot to say my thank yous. I beg your pardon.

Without further ado and in no particular order, I present my thanks.

Selena Moonshadow – I’m convinced she’s either insane or a genius, or perhaps a bit of both. Truly, her mind operates on a plane of existence that most of us only glimpse in our dreams. I believe that the word ethereal was coined centuries ago by a prophet who was given a vision of Selena’s poetry and artwork. You can immerse yourself in it at her blog Color Me in Cyanide and Cherry

John Howell is a writer of both thrillers and dry humour, as is evidenced by his weekly Ten Things Not to Do lists, which take a look at the faux pas that so many people commit. John is also a wonderful promoter, and is always first in line to promote his fellow indies, and I appreciate that so much. His book My GRL can be found on Amazon. 

Hannah Sears – one of these days, the world is going to realize that Hannah’s a wonderful writer, and I’m going to be there to say “I told you so”. True, she’s not writing much on her blog these days, because she’s saving all her writing for her MASTERS degree, for crying out loud! I was so honoured to have her collaborate with me on JESSICA, and hope that it’s not the last — there’s this great script I have about a neurotic rock star that she promises one day to write with me. If you’ve never read her work, check out TWEAKERS, and tell me that this woman doesn’t create atmosphere like the very best of them.

Pamela Beckford  is a tireless indie warrior poet, and a friend to writers. She has published several collections of her poetry and is on the verge of publishing a new one! I wish you the best of success, Pamela. Thank you for your support. Check our Pamela’s published works HERE

Andrea Hinchey is a real sweetheart, who, like a lot of people, struggles to keep her own writing afloat, but never gives up. She’s fiercely loyal to writers she admires, and I count myself lucky to have her as a fan and a friend. Her story Requiem can be found in All Hail The New Flesh, an anthology published by Dagda Publishing.

Björn Rudberg – I want to attend a poetry class taught by Björn. So should you. You would learn so much. I so much admire his dedication to poetry as an art, and he explores and experiments with all forms and formats — he truly has that dilettante spirit in that he’s not afraid to try something new, whether he succeeds or fails spectacularly. Even his prose is most often touched with poetic flourishes, and is always a pleasure to read. I’m still waiting for him to publish an anthology, if only so I can see it up on my shelf. Check out the sensual “Hunger in the Candlelight” and then go take a cold shower.

Mandi Lite promised me a chapter of her upcoming novel to read, but I’m not going to hold that against her. A busy woman herself, when she’s around, she’s impossible to ignore. I’m trying to seduce her into publishing her novel under my Dilettante Publishing imprint, but we’ll see what happens. Browse her writing HERE

Samara – I hear that Samara’s a bad mother… shut your mouth! But I’m just talking about Samara. I can dig it. She’s a complicated woman, and no one understands her… not that she doesn’t try to explain herself, darlings, with her sometimes frighteningly honest and stark confessional writing, which always blows me away as she demonstrates an innate knowledge of the craft. She has a style of her own, and I’m glad she is always willing to share the stage with me. Check out her latest HERE

Gretchen Kelly – Her excellent writing aside, Gretchen is the feminist I want to be. She is angry but not blaming – instead, she seeks peaceful reconciliation. Don’t get me wrong — she takes no shit — but she’s fair and lovable, not divisive. Every time she writes something, I throw my fist in the air in solidarity. Read some of that HERE

Scott, aka Twindaddy – Self-proclaimed #1 fan, but not in an Annie Wilkes way, he assures me. Still, I’m not taking any chances about travelling on the snowy roads of northern Kentucky. Scott is someone you want at your back, and I’m just glad he hasn’t fallen prey to some strange religious cult, because when he believes in something, he is passionate about telling everyone about it. I’m glad it’s me he’s pitching, and not some group where there’s something suspect about the Kool-Aid they’re serving. Discover him HERE

Marie Ann Bailey is my adopted big sister, and a hell of a friend. We met just over a year or so ago after I realized that she’d been reading my stuff for a couple of months and somehow I’d not noticed (mea culpa). Since then, she has been a constant source of encouragement, and in those times when I felt discouraged and my finger hesitated over the PUBLISH button, thinking that one one was listening, I’d think “Marie will read it…” and my finger dropped happily on the button. Thank you, Marie. By the way, Marie participated in NaNoWriMo this past November, and shared her writing on her blog. Check it out her blog HERE, and be prepared to discover all sorts of great writers, because Marie has exquisite taste, darlings.

Katie Sullivan, author of Changelings, Into the Mist declared herself my friend about a year and a half ago, and has been spreading the Gospel of the Dilettante ever since. I just realized that she and I have never collaborated, and that’s a damn shame — make it happen, Katie! She is currently editing my novel CHUK, and preparing the her second novel for publication. Thank you for always having my back Katie. Follow her D/A Dialogues HERE and get a glimpse of the Changelings.

Beth Teliho – I didn’t think Beth liked me very much. Boy was I wrong! Most recently, Beth enthusiastically hosted a the last chapter of the first part of my love story, and was quick to volunteer to host the cover reveal. She’s also responsible for introducing me to another Katie…. Check out Beth’s blog HERE.

Katie Cross, author of The Network Series and darling extraordinaire. I reached out to her a while back and offered her a copy of Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One to review, not having any expectations. How could I know that she would fall in love? Since then, she has been a wonderful resource for advice, and I treasure her enthusiasm for my writing. She also recently taught me an important lesson about selflessness and expectations. Thank you, Katie.

Mark Bialczak – The fan I didn’t even realize I had. Turns out Mark’s been there all along, he’s just the quiet type, at least until I started interacting more with him and forcing him to speak up. And I’m so glad he did. I’ll be sharing a fun story on his blog soon! Thank you Mark. Check out Mark’s observations, anecdotes and reviews HERE

Still here? Good.

J.S. Collyer — or as I know her, Jex. Lady Jexington, Esquire. Jenny. A good bird, whatever you call her. And one of the best sounding boards for plot ideas EVER. She helped me through a block in CHUK that was killing me! She was one of my first real fans, actually discovering my secret identity (she’s sworn to secrecy) before she ever met Helena, and that gives her a special place in my heart — she loves the writing as it is, whoever’s name I sign to it. Thank you, Jex. Oh, and did I forget to mention – Jex is one of my favourite writers, and I’ve been honoured to be both featured in an anthology with her (All Hail the New Flesh) as well as to collaborate with her on JESSICA. She is the author of ZERO: An Orbit Novel and the upcoming sequel HAVEN. She’s also to be included in the upcoming anthology No Way Home . To top it all off, she’s an all around cool kitty, and a great person to have on your side.

Hasty – I met Hasty at a weird time in my life… just POST the release of Memoirs Volume One, I had a bit of a brief meltdown, (not my first or last) and she sort of adopted me. Since then, we’ve become friends and she is pretty much my official cover artist (and all this hoopala about my cover reveal is as much about “Hey, look at this beautiful art!” as it is promoting the book.) Thank you for more than I can say here, Hasty, but thank you for making my books look wonderful. For Hasty’s own writing, poetry, and artwork, go to her blog.

Lizzi Rogers – What can I say about Lizzi? There are days that I think that without Lizzi, I would have just stopped writing. But she won’t let me, because that’s just who she is — the biggest, gentlest, kindest heart there is. Despite her own struggles, she’ll never stop lifting up the people she cares about. She is my ever-present, captive audience. Thank you, Lizzi. By the way…. you heard it hear first, darlings — Lizzi has written a wonderful Introduction to Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two. Thank you again. See, because Lizzi is a hell of a writer in her own right. Whether she’s writing poetry, fiction, or her passionate essays, she is always a good read. She is, whether she realizes it or not, beloved by so many, and the blogosphere, and indeed the world, would be a duller place if she were not in it.  Follow her blog here and make a new friend.

Thank you all, from the bottom of whatever it is passes for my heart.


11 responses to “The Pitfalls of Trying to do it All – An Apology and 18 Thank-Yous

  1. I am honored to be among such great company. Thank you for the Thank You 🙂 Now, my mea culpa for being slow on the #WhereisHelena campaign and for the rather inept twittering (tweeting?) I managed to do this morning. I used to think I was COD; now I think I’m ADD 😉 Congrats on Katie Cross joining your (ever growing) circle of admirers. She is awesome. xox

  2. Cherie, these are absolutely beautiful thank-yous and introductions to some of Team Helena, and I am utterly, utterly thrilled to be part of the ongoing writing rollercoaster of AWESOME that is knowing you and cheering you on.

    Many, many thanks. And it was so delightful to read through your list and see so many people there who I already recognise and adore. There are such good people supporting this, and I’m happy as ANYTHING to help and be part of it 😀

  3. A “Shaft” reference. You just became even more incredible than you already are, if that’s possible.

    I’m SO happy to be part of your family, which is quite the group.

    But I would like to change my name to Selena Moonshadow. Is that derivative?

  4. We are a patient bunch, Helena. I’m glad that all is well, and you are writing the next one with a rush of inspiration. Great news, that! Of course, my friend, you are very welcome for the mass reveal. Always.

  5. Daw! It’s such an honor to be included in this list! You are so welcome, and I’m only too happy to help, really! I’m genuinely excited for book two as well!

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