Become a Fan of Helena on PUBSLUSH (written in the Imperative — as in, GO NOW)

It begins, darling. Dilettante fever is catching, and there is no cure.

Good grief, Helena, that was really corny.

Yes, I know, darlings. I was being ironically ridiculous, because going into promotional mode always makes me feel uneasy and ridiculous. But I’ve come to appreciate the Art of Asking (thanks, Amanda) and the understanding that sometimes, you need to admit that to make something work, you need help. There’s a big difference between putting your hand out for charity, and reaching out to your fan-base and asking them to be your producers. It’s a social contract in its most pure form. I promise to provide something, and tell you what I need to make that happen, and then, in turn, you say “Yeah, that’s fair. Let me help you with that.”

With Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One, I ran a Kickstarter campaign. I was very new at this, and Kickstarter was a familiar name, and I’m not unhappy with the results — I was successful in raising the funds I needed to buy review copies, and to supplement the small royalty income I’ve received from Amazon. Thank you again to all who took part in that.

PUBSLUSHBUTTONThis time, I searched around at other crowd-sourcing platforms, and while I dabbled with the idea of going with Indiegogo, I’ve instead decided to go with Pubslush.

Pubslush is a pre-publication platform dedicated to creating a more successful publishing process. Its focus is clearly on writers, and is more than just a crowd-sourcing platform, but a community of writers and readers, agents and publishers. My campaign is already visible now — and will go live on February 16th — right after Valentine’s Day (and do you think maybe I’ve got a special Valentine’s day post planned? Does the Pope shit in the woods?)

You can follow the progress and get involved right now by CLICKING HERE and then BECOME A FAN on the Pubslush site.

What do the next couple of months hold for your favourite dilettante? A lot of self-promotion — and I’m hoping you can help with that by doing some promoting yourself. Would you like me to do a guest post on your blog? I will. Would you like to do an interview with me? Gladly, darlings. If there’s anything I like talking about more than myself, I don’t know what it is. Oh. Music. Maybe music.

Oh, and don’t forget about #WhereIsHelena . Find a postcard. Take a picture. Tweet, Facebook or Instagram with #WhereIsHelena and every time you do, you’ll be eligible to win something great from me and/or Penny.

I’m very excited. It’s coming. It’s really coming soon. Volume Two.



14 responses to “Become a Fan of Helena on PUBSLUSH (written in the Imperative — as in, GO NOW)

  1. I feel like this is the promo for Game of Thrones. “Winter is Coming.” Except I’m really excited about this one 🙂

    Promo mode always feels awkward for me too, no worries.

    • I’m feeling a lot better about it this time around. I’ve had an entire year to learn, and to make new friends and gain a bigger audience. Hope all is well on your end, Katie. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Saying there’s no cure for you makes you sound like an STD.

    That being said, I can’t wait to get my hands on…this new book. I don’t think it’s a secret from anybody how much I enjoy your writing.

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