Announcements (Your Favourite Dilettante Fills in the Blanks Because This Slipped Her Fragile Little Mind)


Honestly, they’ve been nothing but pure awesome so far, darlings, including taking a suggestion I made on how to improve the experience on their site seriously enough that they’re going to implement it and let me know when it’s ready. (How amazing is that?)

BUT — Something slipped my mind when I told you all to got to MY PUBSLUSH PAGE FOR MEMOIRS OF A DILETTANTE VOLUME TWO and that is that in order to Become a Fan (and/or do anything else, like, you know, pre-order later on….) you have to sign up for a Pubslush account, much the same way you would for Kickstarter or Indiegogo etc…

Some of you already figured this out already, and aren’t you smarter than the average bear?

If you have seen the lovely cover art popping around all day, and want to know more of what that’s all about, GO TO PUBSLUSH and sign up, and become a fan. It only takes a minute to bring a smile to your favourite dilettante’s face (yes, I do smile every time I see that number go up, darlings).


8 responses to “Announcements (Your Favourite Dilettante Fills in the Blanks Because This Slipped Her Fragile Little Mind)

  1. It’s worth reading the About section on Pubslush. Not only do I get to support you, but also a very worthy organization. Thanks for doing the hard research and finding Pubslush 🙂

    • Would you believe they’ve ALREADY implemented my suggestion? Now, if someone goes and tries to Become a Fan, they immediately get prompted to create an account in order to proceed. Before, people were clicking the button and nothing happened. I LOVE THIS COMPANY.

  2. G’day Darl, I’ve declared my undying fandom on Pubslush but I couldn’t find how to declare my pledge (I need Mum to tell where the vegemite is before I even open the pantry sometimes). So, I will just let you know now that I shall go with the precedent set with Vol.1 and go for the big one (also, as per Vol.1 I will pick up the shortfall to your goal if necessary). Heart HHB.

    • You are amazing, RED. Pubslush works differently — The campaign doesn’t even go live until February 16th, and then lasts for 45 days — so I have this whole month to just educate people and build up a “fanbase” before it even goes live. Isn’t that great? I’m really loving Pubslush.

      • Yes, it is great. I had a bit of a nosy around and even though Kickstarter was a convenient start point I can see how Pubslush is a much better fit for you. I have the deepest admiration for your tenacity and perseverance with all of this stuff and take great interest in your rise to uber-author-dom (even if I haven’t been so visible of late). If I ever bother to do something myself, it will be your lead that I follow. Okay, so I can’t pledge yet, I thought I must’ve missed something when I read that the $50 pledge (with the awesome hard cover book, how do I get one of those) only had 5 to go. Anyway, I’m a member now, so no doubt I’ll be kept in the loop as things progress. Looking forward to the day when I can point at the TV and say “I knew her when she was only someone to me.” Love.

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