I Should Probably Write Something

Hello darlings, and welcome to another episode of “I should probably write something but I’m kind of feeling blah — could be the depression or it could just be the holidays or it could just be laziness or apathy or just an inability to focus as well as being pretty emotionally sensitive any time I see a serious issue and so in order to avoid getting sucked into it I freeze and avoid it altogether and boy this is a long awkward title for a show or column, no wonder it won’t ever get picked up I mean really can you imagine the opening credits and never mind trying to come up with a theme song.”

I’m still plugging away, procrastinating starting the second novel of the People of the Manatii trilogy — not because I don’t want to or because I am not excited or because I have lost the plot, but because I just can’t be bothered.

Ever feel like that? Like you just don’t have the energy to commit anything to paper, virtual or otherwise?

I should have been a bear. Not only because I’d look great skinned and stretched out in front of a fire (now there’s a visual) but because hibernation would suit me just fine.

Anyway, I won’t keep you long. I’ve got nothing but ramblings for you today, darlings.

I’m here to give you the gift of music. Just a sampling of some of the people I’m going to see in concert in the next few months. 2015 is going to be cool.


11 responses to “I Should Probably Write Something

  1. Please, no apologies for not feeling like … what ever you’re not feeling like. Personally, I always want to hibernate this time of year so I can avoid all the hype and over-the-top expectations and the buy-buy-buy commercialism that relentlessly bombards us. For me, coping means lowering my expectations of myself and ignoring those of others 😉 Otherwise I go into a downward spiral and I’m old enough now to know that it’s not worth it. Whether I get my holidays cards out on time doesn’t have an effect on world peace (and when did I start sending out holidays cards????). I’m grateful that my husband and I treat Christmas for what it is to us: a well-deserved day off from work. We don’t exchange gifts or have a tree or go visiting. Maybe it’s just the sense that I would rather extend good will every day of the year, not just during the holiday sales. Oh, now I’m getting too high up on my soap box. Sorry to blather on like this. I just think you have nothing to apologize for. And I love you dearly.

  2. Well who needs to write an exhaustive column when you’re 2015 dance card is filled with artists like this already, Helena. Starting with Ani. Very nice, indeed. I haven’t seen her in a few years. Woe not be gone, woe is me.

  3. I haven’t been doing as much writing recently, Helena (although I don’t do as much as you), but I’m keeping up with my blog each day and I consider that an accomplishment as this is almost the end of year 3 and I’ve posted once a day or more that entire time. 🙂 Haven’t be Fictioneering much as real life is taking up lots of time and I’m OK with that. As for Christmas, it’s my favorite season of the year and I’m trying to enjoy and not over-do. Wish I could invite you over for a cup of tea and some baked goodies, but a virtual hug will have to do.



  4. Or it could jsut be that you’ve just finished a month of manic writing, and uber production. It’s time to cut yourself some slack and enjoy the holidays. Kick back and let the writing go a little. No one will get hurt… you don’t have to be cranking out masterpieces every day, love. Just cut yourself some slack, get a glass of whatever soothes you, and cuddle up with your favorite people… and rest. xox

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