It’s Voting Time — Help Me Decide!

Hello, darlings! Your favourite dilettante needs your help in choosing a design for the soon to be christened Dilettante Publishing — as an indie publisher, one of the things that you have to realize is that you are a publisher, and you don’t really want CreateSpace to show up as your publisher… Oh, the things I’ve learned since last March.

So I’ve scoured through a ton of fonts, because I LOVE the sort of inverted symmetry of the initials dp

So, I’ve created a sheet of my favourites — some of them do look similar, I know — and I’d love to hear what you think — I’ve labelled each font by name, if you would please write the name of your favourite or favourites in the comments I’d really appreciate your help.



Dilettante Publishing


25 responses to “It’s Voting Time — Help Me Decide!

  1. I like the halida sans – the letters are recognizable and clear but still have a unique look to them. Homegirl and Batik are a little hard to discern, while the others are a bit plain. Good luck!

  2. Alberto lends itself best to becoming a hand written signature, by joining the 2 curves across the divide you could sign that with a single flourish

  3. Ok, my eyes loved homegirl sharpie first, but then I was picturing it on a book as a book and I also found myself drawn to Halida sand and Alberto. I probably didn’t help you at all, but I hope I did. πŸ™‚ good luck!
    So does this mean you got an LLC?

    • I like both Halida sans and Alberto as well, but I’m also toying with creating a logo involving more than just the font. We don’t have LLC in Canada, we have Corporations — I’m looking into it.

      • Oh ok. I’m looking into LLC, but worried it’ll just complicate taxes rather than simplify or better anything. I feel like it’s helpful if you’re bringing in some good bank with book sales, but not sure what it would do for me prior to that. I’m terribly uninformed. I’ll probably consult a tax guy/gal.

  4. For me the only one which comes CLOSE is hallida sans, with the beatnik ganster as a far second, pinstripe limo a distant third, and the rest (sorry) no-where at all and far away off the field.

    I ‘get’ the wanting to be clean and clear and simple, but a dilettante is elegant, quirky, full of surprises and most definitely hand-written (probably in deep turquoise Waterman ink).

    I (unsolicitedly and feel free to disregard completely for overstepping) went looking for fonts I’d associate with the inestimable Helena

      • Yeah ok, I get that a logo makes it a different ballgame. Email me fo sho.

        Annnnnd, Indie Publishing Company? You really ARE a dabbler in many things, cherie! Congratulations on the new venture πŸ™‚

  5. Champagne and limousines, Kirvy or Pinstripe Limo. All three are sharp and clean and not distracting. Champs is very professional; Kirvy a bit mire whimsical. Each of them would be striking. They pop, but don’t leave you confused, as I feel some of the others do.

    • NAN!!!!!!!

      Oh, I really must come back to Friday Fictioneers — I’ve just been so busy, and didn’t feel right about contributing without having time to read as many stories as I usually did. THANK you for dropping by. Halida sans and Champagne are the two I’m torn between — do I go simple and classic, or with a little flair. I hope you like whatever I end up with.

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