How is it December Already?

So, I recently picked up the new Decemberists single, and the B-Side, Fits and Starts, sounds like Iggy Pop’s Raw Power.

I kid you not, darlings. This is a band whose influences range from traditional folk music to The Smiths, to Fleetwood Mac. From The Beatles to Pink Floyd, from Neil Young and R.E.M. to Led Zeppelin, from Neutral Milk Hotel to Sam Cooke and back again.

And now… IGGY POP?

I wish I could post Fits and Starts here, but it’s a vinyl only track at this point, and I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Interweb. But I can show you RAW POWER, to give you an idea. Fits and Starts comes complete with noisy guitar, pounding drums and that minimalist background piano. The Decemberists as a garage punk band. Crazy. But then, this is the same band that covered Bjork. Is there anything they can’t (or won’t) do?


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