Friday – the Forgetful Fuckhead Edition

I have a tendency to get really, um, wrapped up? Self-absorbed? Completely lost in what I’m doing to the detriment of all other things around me? And when this happens, any answer I give you — anything I promise to do — I probably will forget to do.

Case in point, last night, Penny asked me to switch over the laundry before I went to bed. She needed dry clothes for the morning.

I proceeded to perch myself on my pretty posterior and write write write write write. And then I forgot. I forgot everything she had asked me to do.

I am so very sorry, Penny. I am a forgetful fuckhead.


6 responses to “Friday – the Forgetful Fuckhead Edition

  1. I’m afraid to like this post because though you may be forgetful, I don’t think you’re a fuckhead. So I’ll just let you know I was here and tell you to do better next time. I’m sure Penny will forgive you.

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