Monday II – The Return of the Son of the Bride of Monday

SO… here’s how my Monday is going so far — this is the second draft of this post. WordPress lost my first draft when I went to switch to classic mode.

This week will be a busy and exciting one for me, darlings. Now that I’ve officially thrown my feather boa into the ring of Shu-ba-da-du-ma-ma-ma-ma-Na-No-Wri-Mo-Betta-Mo-Fo-Fo-Sho-Mo-Manna-Banana-Fanna-Fo-Wri-Mo, I have until the 30th to complete my novel — the first of a planned trilogy called The People of the Manatii (that’s pronounced the same as the noble sea cow, darlings) and the first book is subtitled Star-crossed. Unlike CHUK, I actually had a title planned for this in advance, whereas CHUK went for the longest time under such working titles as “Tales from Bayou Bonhomme, Borne on the Bayou (a little April Fool’s joke) and my personal favourite, 22 Short Films About Glenn Gould, which I thought was wonderful, until someone told me it was already a thing. Who knew?

I may be more absent than usual this week, as I work overtime to write likely around 20,000 words, putting me at just over 60,000 words or so — to put this in perspective, this is about a 200 page book — not a LARGE novel — CHUK is twice that size — but acceptable, and as it’s part of a trilogy, I’m not concerned with its size.

BUT, I promise to drop in once a day, and if I’m not amusing, I will at least try to provide you with some marvelous musical musings.

Also — I just yesterday got my first glimpse at a mock-up of cover art for Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume Two, and wow is it looking good! Now, perhaps you have some guesses at who the cover artist is, but don’t be too hasty with your assumptions — it could be anyone, really.

And now for something completely different.


11 responses to “Monday II – The Return of the Son of the Bride of Monday

  1. Aaarrrgghhh! WordPress! I’ve had that happen as well. At 11:00 pm after I’d written over 1000 words and was just editing. Had to re-write it through my tears of frustration. I think WP just likes to ‘eff with us some times! As always, I’m in awe of your flowing creativity and I can’t wait to read the finished product!

  2. I don’t like how WordPress changes things like that. Does my HEAD in.

    BUT, tres excited about your new book, and Na-no-lamma-bamma-wri-rinki-dinka-mo-fo-sho, AND THE COVER.

    I’ll make no hasty assumptions. Am I allowed to have high hopes?

  3. Allow yourself to be absent while you finish your book. Although it was fun to blog my “novel in progress” while also working on NaNoWriMo, it was also a lot of extra work spent on WordPress when I could have just been writing (and maybe even finishing sooner with NaNo). If I do NaNo again next November, I’ll probably put up a “Gone Writing” sign on my blog and leave it there for the month 😉 But congrats on the progress you’ve made! Be sure to use the validation tool they have available now on the NaNo website. I found that I was always 50-100 words short once I copied and pasted my stuff in.

    Oh, and, BIG HUG!

    • I don’t mind dropping in like this every day. In fact this is been a good discipline tool for me making me realize that I write this kind of stuff pretty effortlessly. And you lovely people keep showing up just to hear my voice. I think that’s pretty cool. I’m not worried about the 50,000 word Mark. I’ve got less than 5000 to go and I’ll probably get that today or tomorrow. My personal challenge to myself is to actually finish the novel by the end of the month, that is going to take some discipline. Especially since I was out till two in the morning and I’m now on my way to work. Give me strength!

      • I always tell myself that making the 50k is not that important. But I always go for it anyway ;). You are so right about finishing the novel itself. That is always my biggest hurdle.

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