Dilettante’s log, Stardate 17/11/2014

Snowed all night. Woke up to have to clean two inches of white death off of my car. Will likely come home to Countess-shaped snow angels posed in scandalous positions on the front yard. She thinks she’s funny. The neighbours, not so much.

Am in full Jessica mode, in case you missed your favourite dilettante, please let me explain that between the pressures of being a newlywed living in an entirely different town than her new husband, and my pact with myself (sealed in blood, on a  pentagram, with no less than two goats present) that I would write the first novel of the People of the Manatii trilogy by the end of the year, that I’ve had very little time to put on my dilettante hat, and I hope you’ll forgive me, darlings.

scannersYes, I invited that devilish imp, Jessica, to take full possession, and I am currently at an impressive word count of 22,237, and I’ve a mind to write some more today — there are days when there are blockages and then there are days like today where my mind is screaming to be emptied of all the words that are filling it up, threatening to make my brain explode like that movie Scanners (and wasn’t that some fucked up shit?)

So for the next little while, you may not see much of your favourite dilettante’s writing — except for little diversions such as this. In fact, I will try to post a short hello every day just to let you know I’m still here. YOU can do this for me, darlings — if there’s something you’d like me to write — if you have an itch you want me to scratch — let me know. My mind is focused on the novel right now, but I can always use a pleasant diversion.

Likewise, if you haven’t already checked out Jessica’s new blog now would be a good time. She’s looking for a few good writers to join her community, and write Ghosts’ Stories — check out the tab there — as well as stories of phobias and fear — check out Fear in a Handful of Dust, and send in your stories.

Oh, and by the way — if you haven’t already picked up your copy of JESSICA — the metafictional horror story by me, Jex, Michelle, Freya, Hayley, Lizzi and Hannah, then I’m not sure what you’re waiting for. Check out the reviews HERE and HERE and then pick it up HERE in softcover or e-book


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