Inspirations have I none… (with announcements to follow)

Would you believe that I’m not writing anything?

I mean, I’m supposed to be (Jessica’s supposed to be writing the new novel – People of the Manatii book one – Starcrossed) and I should be launching into part two of a Dilettante in Love, but the fact is… I’m feeling very… spent.

CHUK just finished, and JESSICA was an amazing but draining experience, and my mind is drawing a lot of blanks right now.

I’m sure if someone gave me a story prompt (not an invitation, just an observation) that I could probably write something.

I’m doing a lot of brainstorming on Manatii. But trying not to crowd my mind with other stuff.

It feels a bit weird, and I’m trying to avoid the inevitable crash that happens post project.

SO, sorry. I’ve got nothing for you today.

Here, have a David Bowie song:



1. I’m leaving the entirety of CHUK up ’til the end of the week for those who are interested in finishing it (or hell, reading it all the way through if you can)  Chapter One is HERE. On Saturday I’ll be taking the whole thing down.

2. I’m leaving the entirety of JESSICA up until Wednesday for those of you who are interested in reading it. After that, I’ll be taking it down.

3. You can now purchase JESSICA as a PAPERBACK, and if you purchase the paperback, you can then, in a  second transaction, get the KINDLE VERSION for free. Or you can just get the KINDLE VERSION of course. It’s also available as a DELUXE VERSION on iBooks, for your iPad or Mac.

4. is now live. This will be the new home not only of Jessica’s writing, but a place where writers can come to collaborate and participate in things like this JESSICA project that just finished. There are currently TWO open ideas, one called GHOSTS’ STORIES and another called FEAR IN A HANDFUL OF DUST. If you want to check these out and try your hand at either of them, they are open-ended and casual — no deadlines, just drop in whenever you like. Share these with any writers you know.


12 responses to “Inspirations have I none… (with announcements to follow)

    • I read a funny story about Michael Stipe from R.E.M. once, how his lyric sheets were impossible, because he’d use and re-use the paper for whatever was on his mind, and so you’d get something like “This one goes out to the one I love. This one goes out to the one I left behind. Call Bernadette, pick up eggs.”

      • *snorks* that’s brilliant. I love that story.

        I have to say, I have a tendency to write on whatever comes to hand. I have any amount of envelopes and receipts and data capture slips (from work) with bits of poetry or lists or reminders on them.

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