Who Is Jessica B. Bell? An Artist’s Conception – 1

A few weeks ago, I put out a call — a vague, non-specific call. At the time, I really didn’t have a plan.

Then I started to develop a plan, and it occurred to me that nobody really knows who Jessica B. Bell is, or what she looks like. Oh sure, we have this lovely representation by Dana C. Thomas:


But that is just one possible incarnation. This is Jessica role-playing dark, brilliant, tortured writer, sexy but scary mistress of the night. A sort of Gothic Romantic. But just as you or I are not just one thing, neither is Jessica. In fact, Jessica even less so.

And so I asked for pictures. Send me your pictures of Jessica. Why? Just for fun, of course. This isn’t a contest, and I’m not going to choose my favourite in order to use for Jessica’s new Author Photo (but more on that later, darlings).  This is just for your pleasure. And a reminder that come October 24th, you’re going to want to be glued to your screen. JESSICA week begins Friday, October 24th and ends the following Friday the 31st.

Sandy Ramsey, from Mother of Imperfection, has created this photo art, of a proud and defiant Jessica — perhaps on the run, or having just blown the mind of some woman at a truck stop and then casually strolling away with one last “Fuck You” to the camera

.jessica bell
photo credit: Crysco Photography via photopin cc

jessica2Jessica Promo 5


8 responses to “Who Is Jessica B. Bell? An Artist’s Conception – 1


  2. That is so cool! By the way, I’ve been M.I.A. all week because of illness going through my whole house, I haven’t even had a chance to read the last two in your Dilettante in Love series! That tells you how bad it was! But I’m dying to see what happens. But first, Allergy Doctor appointment awaits. Yes, I live a glamorous life.

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