A Dilettante in Love

Hello darlings. Sorry it’s taken me a while to start this tale, but truthfully, it began so strangely and awkwardly that I didn’t think it was going anywhere. Yet here we are, months later, and he’s still around. In fact, he’s around a lot, and even with my depression, I’m smiling quite a bit.

I’m telling a tale — a TO BE CONTINUED tale — over Lizzi Rogers’ Considerings blog today, titled Hunting and Gathering in the Modern Age, or, The Quest for Red Grapefruit Juice. Yes, darlings, I know it’s a mouthful… but so am I.

I’ll drop by to check in and reply to your comments over on Lizzi’s blog. And I promise (or I hope, rather) that I will be continuing this story as I launch, part time, into Volume Three of Memoirs of a Dilettante.

Stay tuned for news about Volume Two, as well as an update/teaser about my upcoming Hallowe’en party.

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