CHUK under lock & key

Hello fans of Jessica B. Bell’s Bayou Bonhomme, and all the monsters that live there.

Make sure to drop by Wednesday and Thursday as usual, for the beginning of the end, with a shocking twist of events that is so secret, that from now on, the rest of the book is password protected, right up to the final chapter on Friday, October 31st.

If you already have your password, you’re good to go. These chapters won’t show up in your reader, but I’ve been told that if you subscribe by email, you’ll get notification — now might be a good time — you don’t want to miss a thing.

After October 31st, I’m taking the whole novel down off the site, and handing it over to Katie Sullivan to edit it. If you have been wanting to read, now’s your last chance.

If you want a password, let me know.

Big thank you to all who have been reading along, for wonderful comments like “This is too good to be giving away for free” which just make my day.

I truly hope you enjoy the rest of the ride.



12 responses to “CHUK under lock & key

  1. I’m tingling all over … with anticipation, dread? How to know with a horror novel. Guess you could say I’m tingling with dreadful anticipation. Whatever. I’m looking forward to reading the final installments, but also very excited that I’ll be able to relive the story all over again when it’s published 🙂 (And that Katie is editing CHUK is pretty awesome, too 🙂 )

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