That’s all the CHUK you’re going to get…

Hello, darlings. Jessica has asked me to inform you that as of next Thursday, she will no longer be posting CHUK for public consumption.

So after today, there will only be two more installments. The reason is that after Thursday, the beginning of the end… um… begins.

However, as she is not entirely without mercy, she would like to make an offer to any who have been reading all along — she will post the rest of the novel (from now until Halloween — yes, she says she had that planned all along and it’s not just a happy accident that the story will reach until that spookiest of dates. I call bullshit, but..) as private blog entries, password protected.

So, like Morpheus in that sci-fi franchise that was pretty much ruined by the third film (and no, not Return of the Jedi, though seriously, Ewoks WTF?) she offers you a choice — read the rest of the tale here (contact me and I will give you the password) or wait for the book release (six months? nine months? from now)

I won’t judge you if you just have to know how it ends, darlings — I know I’m champing at the bit to see how it all turns out.

Just let me know.

Your favourite dilettante,



4 responses to “That’s all the CHUK you’re going to get…

  1. Darling dilettante, of course I want the damned password. Of course, I’ll still buy the book when it’s released.

    • BTW, I clicked on your test post and got an error message, not a prompt for a password. You are probably still working on that part, but I thought I would let you know. πŸ™‚

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