And the Winners Are…..

Summer went by far too quickly, and I met so many new people in cyberspace. Yesterday I had my day made learning that a total stranger was raving about my book Memoirs of a Dilettante Volume One (available HERE, darlings, in case you didn’t know…)

At the beginning of the summer, I launched the Honourary Dilettante Contest, and asked for your pictures of receiving your books, and reviews, and said that there would be prizes involved.

Sure enough, pictures came trickling in, showing just how shy some of you were, and the reviews came in (keep them coming, darlings… if you’ve been meaning to write a review, there’s always time!)

I’m going to be honest – I’m beginning to regret this contest — I should have had a third party mediator to make the picks so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Thank you all for sending in reviews and pictures — and more, for all your encouragement. I’m going to think up something special so I can thank you all.

BUT… choices had to be made, and so I decided to pick the 2nd and 3rd place prize recipients fairly randomly.

The winner of 3rd prize: A custom T-shirt featuring the design from the book cover (art by Ros Webb) is the man known as Twindaddy, who has written reviews and has been in my cheering section all summer. If you can picture a stormtrooper with pom poms chanting ‘Gimme a D’ (for dilettante, of course) than that’s TD.

Congratulations TD – shoot me an email to help me choose colour, style and size for your shirt (and yes, I’ve designed manly style ones, too, don’t worry.)

The winner of 2nd prize: A custom T-shirt featuring artwork by Dana Thomas is Arden Ratliff  Arden cleverly included wine in her picture, trying to win me over. It must have worked, because the randomizer chose her name. Earlier this summer, Arden hosted a story of Jessica B. Bell’s called The Witches of Madison County that you might want to check out.

Congratulations, Arden — please send me an email with colour, style and size preferences.

Arden Ratliff


First prize is actually going to be split between two people who decided right from the start that they were going to win this, and so set out to out-do everyone. Don’t feel bad, darlings, there’s no way you could ever keep up with the energy of Lizzi Rogers, and her partner in crime, Dana Thomas (wasn’t it enough that she’d already designed the Helena & Penny picture?!)

They started a Pinterest board called Helena Hann-Basquiat Feels Like… and, well, you just have to see it to believe it.

Special mention to J.S. Collyer, S.K. Nicholls and Jennie Saia, who also contributed pictures to this love collage.

Please go and visit this Pinterest Board — I love it so much, I’ve created a permanent link to it.

Congratulations Dana and Lizzi — please contact me to discuss your prizes.

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated, and thank you to everyone who bought the book, and who read it.


11 responses to “And the Winners Are…..

  1. Colour, colour…Hmmm…I’m trying to find that word in my AMERICAN dictionary and not having any luck.

    Seriously, Helena, your writing is fucking amazing. I’ll shout it from any and every rooftop. One day I’ll hold a book in my hand, written by you, and published by a publishing company. I KNOW this.

  2. I am utterly, totally and COMPLETELY honoured, cherie. Thank you.

    I had such fun with this contest, and such a beautiful time reading Vol. 1 (CAN’T WAIT for Vol. 2 and Vol. 3….ohhhhhhh they’re going to be delightful). I’m glad the Pintrest board came together so wonderfully with Dana – it was such fun to both be trying to out-Dilettante each other, and to join others in, too, was brilliant fun.

    Keep your ‘u’s in words wherever possible, and never lose that gorgeous, Parisian elegance your writing seems to have – it feels effortlessly beautiful, even when you’re ‘talking to camera’ or describing something quite awful. You have possession of a delectable talent for storytelling and I hope that EVERYONE comes to know it.

    [Okay, realism suggests that it would be impossible for *everyone* to know it, but as near to damn everyone as possible should enjoy your stories.]

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