Boys Will Be Boys… The Danger of Low Expectations

I’ve just discovered Gretchen’s writing — I don’t know for sure whether I’ve read anything of hers before, and now I want to browse. There is a lot of harm done in our heavily patriarchal society, and the word Feminism has become the other F word in some circles — but this is a wonderful article about why boys — and men — need feminism. Gretchen never uses the F word, but this, to me, represents everything positive about feminism, and dispels the myth that women hate and fear men, and that men are animals that cannot control themselves. I’m reblogging this, which I rarely do, darlings, because I wish I’d written it. This section alone is worth repeating: “I don’t view them as opposition. I view them as friends, as neighbors, as fellow parents- as people full of good and sometimes a little bad but mostly just human and trying to do their best.”
Do yourself a favour and drop by and read this wonderful article. Tell your girlfriends. Tell your man friends. Tell your sons, and tell your daughters. Boys WILL be boys, but how we define what is a healthy boy will determine what kind of man he will grow up to be.

Drifting Through


“Boy, you’re gonna carry that weight.

Carry that weight a long time…”

-The Beatles, Carry That Weight

Boys are getting a bad rap.

They are being reduced to the lowest common denominator.

They are suffering the permissibility of low expectations.

They have no self control. They have violent urges. They have uncontainable sexual tendencies.

Boys will be boys.

What does this oft cited phrase even mean? Does it mean that because they were born with the Y chromosome that they are inherently impulsive and helpless to their own actions? Does it mean that it is natural for them to be more violent, more sexual?

Or is it an excuse trotted out to dismiss unsavory behavior?

Is it an antiquated notion that keeps boys boxed into a hyper-masculine role while putting the burden on girls to keep order and civility intact?

I know a few boys.

I had a younger brother…

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