Honourary Dilettante Contest Update

Thank you everyone who entered the Honourary Dilettante Contest. Very soon I will be creating a post sharing some of your entries, and trying very had to choose the winners (and if all else fails, I will be resorting to the Eenie Meanie Miney Moe scientific method).

Also, just wanted to let you know that I have created something very cool — I’ve dubbed it Dilettante Threads — it’s a web store that I’ve filled with all kinds of Dilettante paraphernalia — coffee mugs, T-shirts, yoga pants, etc.. (and I’ll be making more, don’t worry)

And here’s the greatest thing — I don’t give a rat’s ass whether you buy anything or not!

God, you’re rude, Helena!

No, no… hear me out — this is just a web store that you can set up for free — it’s costing me $0.00, and I’m certainly not looking to get into the T-Shirt selling business — it’s not very lucrative if you’re only selling one here and one there, believe me.

SO… I’m also NOT making any money on this. I’ve created these designs and made them available to you IF YOU WANT. But don’t worry that I’m out of pocket, and please don’t feel like this is a cash grab. If you get there and you think the prices are too high — it’s not because I’ve marked them up — that’s the base price, and I’m not invested in this at all, so if you don’t buy, I won’t cry.

It’s just something fun I thought I could do, and hey, it’s kind of free advertising for me if you do buy, so it’s a win/win.

Currently I’ve set up a North American store, but I’m going to set up a UK/Europe one, too.

Anyhow, drop on by Dilettante Threads, darlings. Browse around, see what’s there, and let me know if there’s something you’d like to see.

I’m going to be adding CHUK stuff later, as soon as I develop some branding for that — anyone interested in helping with that, let me know.



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