Happy Endings Beginning

There are no happy endings — not really. (Unless you are referring to the type given in less-than-savoury massage parlours, darlings.)

Sometimes, the best you can hope for is just that the story doesn’t end.

Today begins a brand new, very personal story called All the Happy Ending You’re Going to Get, which is being hosted over on Sandy Ramsey’s blog Mother of Imperfection.

You’ll notice it says Part 1. Part 1 posts today, Part 2 on Thursday, and the conclusion of the story on Friday.

So if you’re not already following Sandy, you may want to sign up to have her posts show in your reader.

I’m leaving comments closed here, please do visit Sandy and leave your thoughts there — I will follow up promptly.

For those of you who wondered if I could really retire Helena altogether, well, you’ll be happy to know that this story likely marks what will be the beginning of Volume Three. Of course, I still have so many other projects on the go, so be patient with me — the stories will come. Thank you all for reading and for your encouragement and enthusiasm for my writing, whatever form it takes, or whoever’s guise I write it under.

I remain, your favourite dilettante,




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