Destroyer Live at Massey Hall

Hello, darlings — I am bursting at the seams to share this with you. Last month, I went and saw Dan Bejar (Destroyer) at Massey Hall in Toronto as part of their “Live at Massey Hall” series. The show was recorded for future play on television, and has been shared by Merge Records (you can watch the whole half hour set).

What’s special to me (other than the fact that I love Dan Bejar) is that he has a song called Helena.

Dan is also a member of one of my favourite bands, The New Pornographers, and prior to the show, I sent a message to Carl Newman and Neko Case of the New Pornographers, and asked them very nicely if they could persuade Dan to play my song that night.

And Carl got back to me and said he would, and sure enough, darlings, Mr. Dan Bejar sang my song to me. You may just hear me cheering loudly over the crowd as the song begins. (You can’t miss it… the song starts out with my name).

Enjoy, darlings!

Thank you Dan!


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    • You are most welcome. Sorry, WP wasn’t feeding me notifications for a couple of days. I think I may have accidentally JUNK MAILed one of my notifications and now all of them are going there.

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