An Unlikely Story – The Dilettante Writes a Children’s Story

*** UPDATE *** I’ve approached an artist about this.

Looking for feedback — would this be something you’d be interested in seeing under your tree at Christmas-time?

original post below..

Hello artists looking for a project to work on — if only for the love of it.

I was digging through some old notebooks and found something I’d forgotten all about, that brought a smile to my face.

I was raised on a steady diet of Dr. Seuss and Robert Munsch and Shel Silverstein, and then later, as my literary love lingered, I still gravitated toward infectious rhythms and rhymes when it came to telling silly stories.

I am seriously putting this out here for someone to pick up on and collaborate with me. If you’re interested in creating strange, wonderful drawings of cartoon bugs, contact me with your thoughts and ideas.

Here’s the story:


Once upon a time and long ago

as all good stories say

Three bugs went riding bicycles

one sunny summer day.

They passed the purple pickle park

and waved to Wando Wu

who was picking purple pickles

with her puppy, Peek-a-Boo.

They climbed the cliffs of Clackerclaff

and fought through fearsome fog

then stopped to sit and soak a while

at Suzie’s Spa and Bog.

They ate a lunch of apricots

and apples a la mode

then each took turns at leapfrog

with their good friend Todd the Toad.

They said so long and see you soon,

then got back on their way

to go find fields of flowers

in which to roll around and play.

Now nap time neared and so the bugs,

they headed for their homes

Comfy and cozy and snug in their rugs

inside of their garden gnomes.


I’d love to see this become a children’s book. As a good dilettante, darlings, you know I delight in dabbling in all things artistic, and there’s an empty box on my checklist of artsy accomplishments. Incidentally, I’ve also never been sketched nude like that Titantic chick, but that’s lower down on the list.

SO… if you want to spread this around or send it to your artsy illustrator friends, that’d be great.

If nothing comes of it, I hope at least you enjoy it in this form.

Your Favourite Dilettante,




20 responses to “An Unlikely Story – The Dilettante Writes a Children’s Story

  1. Helena, give me some time and i will see if I can sketch something up for you. No promises though – this is a bit out of my league. (I already had a picture in my head when i read this. 🙂

  2. I love this so much. I am going to send it to my stepdaughter who is a very talented artist…if nothing else, she will enjoy reading it to the grandkids

  3. I know an artist who would be PERFECT for this, though she’s a professional, cherie, and her prices reflect that (they knocked my whimsical idea for a children’s book right back to the ‘need to find a publishing house and suffer whatever art they put with it’ stage) but this is beautiful and fun and I enjoyed it.

    It almost reminded me of the Hairy McClairy books, though without the attendant rumpus and scuffle those ones always seem to have 🙂

  4. I love this! I get the best pictures in my head but unfortunately I have zero artistic talent. I will ask around for you because I think this would be an amazing children’s book.

  5. I love this! I did something similar a while back (search my blog for “spider army”) but I can’t draw as evidenced in that post.
    I hope someone who can draw takes you up on your offer, it would be great to see this in all its illustrated glory 🙂

  6. Helena, I’d add: I was recently told (again!) at a writing conference that publishers of children’s literature prefer that you don’t already have illustrations or an illustrator. You can send some illustrations for them to look at, but they prefer to assign their own illustrators, to a children’s book manuscript. So perhaps: Send it out! 😉

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