One Night in Toronto – The Dilettante Blog Hop Resumes

Happy Monday darlings… oh, that gives me an idea… here, have some Happy Mondays…. can’t be sad or dragging your ass on a Monday when you have this:

Me, today I’m over hanging with my big sis Michelle over at her fantastic blog Rubber Shoes in Hell, telling a story of that time I kinda sorta met Joe Strummer of The Clash.


And then be sure to give Michelle some love. She’s looking for guest bloggers, btw, in case you’re looking to do some guest writing.

Oh, and if you’d like to have your favourite dilettante over for a drink and a story, let me know. I work cheap. Hell, Katie still owes me pancakes. But who’s counting?

(I am, dammit. Pancakes. When are the pancakes coming in the mail?)

Thanks for reading, darlings — it means a lot. Now go on! Shoo! Off to Michelle’s with you.



3 responses to “One Night in Toronto – The Dilettante Blog Hop Resumes

    • Oh, any time, darling! I thought it would take me longer to come up with a story, but once you gave me the green light I got so excited about it I poured it out in a furious rush!
      I love writing those kinds of fun stories — dog knows I have enough adventures under my belt that I’ll likely never run out of stories to tell.

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