The Summer of ’98, Duckie’s Pompadour, and a Shit Ton of Music for a Friday

If you’ve read any of Jessica B. Bell’s serial novel CHUK, then you’ll know that the summer of ’98 is legen-wait for it -dary, and while some of the details are known, the full story has never been told.
Until now (insert mad, chortling Mu-ha-ha laughter here).
Starting next week, Wednesday and Thursday will feature the next story arc of CHUK, entitled simply The Summer of ’98.

Have no idea who Jessica B. Bell is, or what CHUK is, or where you are, what you’re doing, or why you’re covered in chocolate pudding?

Well, darlings, your favourite dilettante can only help so much.

Go HERE to find out all about Jessica, and the Bayou Bonhomme serial novel (complete with a table of contents). As for the pudding conundrum, I’d say lay off the tequila and horse tranquilizers.

What were you doing in the summer of ’98?

I was teaching English in Venezuela — a story I’ve alluded to but have yet to tell (Volume Three???)

Penny was but three years old, and a right lovable terror.

Speaking of the Countess of Arcadia, she’s dragging me to go see a friend’s band play tonight — they’re an ’80s retro band with the ostentatious name of (get this) Duckie’s Pompadour.

I suppose you’d have to be of a certain age, disposition, or, like me, have awarded yourself a doctorate in Popular Culture after writing a thesis on the films of John Hughes in order to understand that and find it hilarious.

Oh, Jon Cryer, you sexy beast.

That’s right, darlings. It’s Doctor Dilettante. (insert “if this is my thermometer, then where is my pen” joke here)

It’s Friday, which means I’ve got your prescription for great tunes, and today’s theme is 1998 (and don’t think that means I’m going to be posting top 40 shit from 1998 just by doing a billboard search. Give me more credit than that, darlings. You’re not going to see Celine Dion, Aerosmith or Cher on my list of faves from ’98, though millions of lemmings would disagree with me, and to them, I say, go jump off a cliff.)

(oh, interlude…. you’ll notice that there is no Coffee with Helena & Hannah today — well, Hannah has returned to her homeland of Texas for a wedding — she assures me it’s not her own — that’s right, darlings, she’s still available — and regrets that we weren’t able to pull something together this week. Let us know what you’d like to hear about and we’ll be back in good form next Friday.)

So, songs from 1998 that I loved:


17 responses to “The Summer of ’98, Duckie’s Pompadour, and a Shit Ton of Music for a Friday

  1. Seriously, I haven’t told you I love you. Pretty in Pink OMG! So love. Seriously me and Andie like this (crossing fingers). I’d have given my right tit for a Karman Ghia convertible. I was making my own clothes at that age. And Duckie & Iona might be one of the single coolest best friends a girl could have. If only I was that cool back then. Thanks for the soundtrack. I needed your musical magic to get the day rollin and a rockin.

  2. Color me impressed with your song choices….especially Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neutral Milk Hotel, and a track off that Ben Folds B-sides collection.

    Where was I in 1998? I was playing dive bars in a dive band and working for an orthopedic company during daylight hours. A wife, no kids, and one miniature schnauzer that considered himself as human as you and I.

  3. Awesome playlist. I’ll be thinking about Pretty in Pink all day now.

    In 1998, I was finalizing my divorce, and I was in love with another jerk. It all worked out well. My divorce was granted, but in 1999, I had to get divorced from him again because of mistakes my attorney made the first time around. The jerk’s mom died, and he dumped me a few months later.

    I finally learned how to stand alone.

    And I met MTM. Eventually. Maybe it all started in 1998…….

  4. I’m pleading the fifth on where I was in ’98…other than once in Texas. I may have been standing in a dusty street, tumbleweeds a-rollin’ and polishing my shiny silver badge while waiting for some no good varmint named Dawn and checking my pistols.

  5. At ’98 I was in second grade elementary school, I was blonde, sad and training to be a professional latin-american dancer (you didn’t see that one coming, admit it!)
    Awesome songs!
    Write to me sometime when you got time, I’d love to catch up! 🙂

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