Love me, dammit



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    • This was something of a satirical post (note the tags I’ve used) and a social experiment. I’m amused (and a little disheartened) at what people are attracted to when it comes to reading blogs, etc… I know of a dozen or more blogs that post the kind of thing I just posted on a regular basis, and yet, they have a zillion followers, tons of comments, etc…. and when I cry about it, people say things like “Oh, you’re just bitter and jealous — they’re being honest and relate-able while you’re too busy being arty and pretentious.” So I’m turning the tables. I’m going to start posting lol-cats and nonsense, and see how that goes.

      • Yea, I’ve knowticed your tags…. And I was thinking – where is she going with this post? Yea! as for Them other blogs, well I can’t compeete with any of them, i’ve stoped trying. I’m all arty and creative. And why would you want to be, just another blog like that one? Rather be unique. Anyhow you usually get a decent amount of comments? Your content is good. You don’t find good writing like that on other blogs. I like it. And while I can’t read everyting immediatly – I will get back to it.

      • I’ve wondered if it was just me bothered by that stuff. I see blogs that make ten posts a day, each one being some inane gif from BuzzFeed or something, and each post will have a gazillion “likes.” I’m like … what the hell … ?

      • I’ve seen really good blogs that get the attention they deserve, and I’ve seen blogs that, upon their second or third post, are already getting 100+ likes, and comments galore, even though they are nothing but nonsense. The one I had in mind today spent their first three months with every other post simply bragging about how many followers they’d gotten. I don’t even know how to speculate how that happens. There’s got to be some sort of formula for getting searched, sure, but even then, if I click on something, go to the site, and there’s nothing of interest to me there, I’m not going to like or comment on it… what blew my mind is that over the course of three months, 10,000 people or whatever decided to follow this person’s words, and that hundreds of people dropped by to read, like and comment. Any time I mention this kind of thing, though, people generally accuse me of being a jealous hater….

  1. You don’t need that kind of attention (I used to wonder why I had so few followers and comments — “Is it my writing?” I used to wonder. Now I don’t. I know it is. And that’s okay.)
    And notice those who follow you — they are pretty interesting, quirky, intelligent people.

    I know your tags are meant to be humorous, but do you really want to attract the kind of people who would go for such tags? Or, do you hope that after they find themselves in your blog-world, they will be hooked in spite of themselves, and turn into the kind of readers you want them to be?

    Hmmm … now that I’ve written that, I wonder …

    • I like the idea of disappointing them. I know they won’t be caught in my web. Do you remember a two part story Jessica wrote some time ago entitled “Eat My Pussy”?
      To this day, Part ONE has one of the highest views of any post on my site… Part TWO has only a fraction of the number. Did people not want to continue reading, or did they just find their way here by searching for smut?
      I’m making the point that I have NO idea what sells on the interweb, except for sex.
      So, like I said. I enjoy the idea that this will be a terrible let down. Think of all the flaccid penises (penii?) I will cause with this post. And laugh.

  2. Same thing with twitter. Post a picture of a kitten doing something “adorable” and you’ll get 100’s of “favourites” and retweets. Insane. I tried getting into the more mainstream blogging world and found it…lacking. So I scooched up back into my hole and just stay there. But I know how you feel. The thing I have realized is that those who are so seeking that external validation are working way too hard at it. In the end it’s just empty numbers.

    You’re one of the good ones, my friend 🙂

  3. I love you. All of you. Each persona plus the person. The sum of your parts as well as your parts.
    I know I let my blog faltered a few years ago because I didn’t have any traction. I had started my blog in November 2007 and basically dropped out of sight sometime in 2010. This was before WP had the Like button. When I resumed my blog in Feb. 2013, I was (naively) thrilled when I started getting Likes and followers, and I tried to up the numbers. One blogger I used to follow periodically bragged on her number of followers. I didn’t think her blog was very special, mostly poetry (the rhyming kind that drives me up the wall), but I think her “success” was more due to her spending hours and hours Liking and following other blogs. She cast a very wide net in search of an audience. But she was also a stay-at-home mom with a fair amount of time on her hands. I don’t have that kind of time, and I’ve learned to not fucking care what my numbers are. Since I’ve stopped collaborating with John on Mondays, my stats have nosedived. Yet, I still struggle to keep up with comments and reading. I can’t have it both ways so I’m settling for a little peace of mind 😉

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