The Prettiest Songs I Know

I had a day.

A misanthropic, railing, I hate the world and everything in it, type of day.

Everywhere I looked I saw something that annoyed me, from stupid movies to bad music to inane cultural trends — everything awful about humanity.

I’m a terrible snob, darlings, I accept this. Perhaps you see me railing and think — but Helena — what is your point of reference for excellence? Please share your exquisite taste with us, because we’ve got Lana Del Ray and Pharrell on repeat and it just won’t stop.

I’m so glad you asked, darlings. I’m going to take a moment and share with you just a few of the prettiest songs I know, some of which you should know or at least be familiar with the artists in question, others of which you may be hearing for the first time. These are just off the top of my head — if given the chance, I could unfold an entire afternoon worth of music for your enjoyment, but alas, DJ Darling Dilettante only wants to give you a taste.

Hawksley Workman – No Beginning, No End

Depeche Mode – Somebody

Tom Waits – Blue Valentines

Damien Rice – The Blower’s Daughter

Aimee Mann – Deathly

Sarah McLachlan – Path of Thorns


33 responses to “The Prettiest Songs I Know

  1. Yep – death cab for cutie I will follow you into the dark & bright eyes first day of my life! Sorreee! I thought it would just put links there for u!! *squirms*

  2. I am praying that you are not dissing the goddess known as Lana Del Rey. But Path of Thorns… love it. I like the studio version better. Ever heard Lost? I like the live version of that better.

    Prettiest songs for me, off top of my head, Why Worry by Dire Straits, Eagle by Abba, Song for Zula by Phosphorescent, To Our Kness by Low. But as you say, so many others…

    • Not dissing, I just don’t see what the big deal is. Maybe I haven’t heard enough, though she’s on my shit list for her involvement with the cinematic abortion that was The Not So Great Gatsby.

      • Haven’t seen it, heard it was bad. Didn’t love the book either, to be honest.

        I could watch this video fifty times over, as long as it is. There’s something basic and human about how she sings and what she’s singing about. She’s seems almost painfully real. Just something about her.

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