Birth of a Poem

I don’t often write poetry. It takes a different sort of mindset and brilliance to pull off poetry properly. Jennie Saia is one of my favourite poets — and she’s not prolific, either, which is, I think, why it’s a special thing when she writes something like this. This is just beautiful, and made my day brighter. I wish I had her gift for metaphor — this whole piece is so flawlessly constructed. Magical.


2 responses to “Birth of a Poem

  1. You honoUr me. You really do – so much that I used the “u,” see?

    I think this is the second time you’ve said such nice things about me and my writing that I feel I’ve been given an actual hug.

    • If I were to write a review about you, I would say that it’s your respect for the craft of writing that impresses me. like I said you aren’t a prolific writer. Some people write and write and write and maybe 30% of what they write is excellent. When you publish something like this, the sheer amount of thought and work that has gone into it shows. Greedily, I want more – but with the way you work, that’s like asking Strativarius to crank out ten violins a day. Or “hey , Monet! How about another ten gardens this week, huh?”
      You have a gift. Don’t ever doubt it.

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