Friday Fictioneers – Dodge Ram



Copyright Adam Ickes


SO…. Adam’s picture gave me a story immediately – and you know, that’s always a good thing. I had to go over just a touch and I pray you’ll forgive me because to prune any further would detract from the story.

I’m not saying anything further on the matter, darlings, though I do understand that a trend has popped up today – shameless self-promotion.

Well, who am I to ignore a trend, darlings? Should my tale depress you, or should you just want a rare fix of your favourite dilettante and her incorrigible niece, the Countess Penelope of Arcadia, then you need look no further than today’s post, called All Hail the Nuge.

I know, I know, darlings, I said I was semi-retired — I said it was Jessica’s show from here on out — but when one has the kinds of conversations that the Countess and I have, sometimes they’re just too good to keep to myself.

But now, without further fanfare, felicity or flourish, I present you with my Friday Fictioneers offering:


“Dodge Ram,” the boy said, looking out the car window. He was wearing his uncle’s Ray Bans, and thought he was just the coolest thing ever.

“What did you say?” his uncle asked, amused. “I don’t think your mom’d like you talking like that, Kenny.”
He pointed to the truck going by, with its trademark hood ornament — the head of a bighorn sheep with magnificent horns.
“Oh,” his uncle laughed. “Dodge Ram.”
He wished he could stay with his uncle, but each mile marker he counted brought him closer to his father, who wouldn’t have even asked. He just would have smacked Kenny across the face on principle.
Someday, he thought, looking up at his uncle with love. Someday I’m going to have cool sunglasses, and a cool car, and I’m just going to drive and drive and never look back.


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27 responses to “Friday Fictioneers – Dodge Ram

  1. Really loved that last line. You managed to arouse our sympathy for him without sentimentality. One very tiny niggle. The ‘he laughed’ in the middle isn’t completely clear that it is the uncle laughing, because the ‘he’s both before and after refer to the boy.

  2. Awwwwwwwh. I kinda hope he gets his dream. And as ever I’m astounded by my propensity to care about your characters after such a short time, cherie!

  3. I remember naming the cars as a child – with my Bro – and now its my kiddo who keep shouting them while I drive… nice use of the prompt Helena!

  4. You’ve been writing too close for comfort lately, Helena, and doing it very well! I could completely understand this kid.

  5. Beautifully done, Helena. The final lines– as so many have noted, really solidify the tenderness of this piece.

    One suggestion, though you don’t necessarily need it, darlin’: I would leave out “the head of a bighorn sheep with magnificent horns.” Most people know the icon; your title hints of it, and it packs more punch (in my humble opinion) when the reader figures it out, with the uncle.

    Wonderful, per usual.

  6. Nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion. I do it all the time, much to my wife’s embarrassment. Is this the same Kenny that’s on South Park? He gets killed in every episode, right?

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