It’s Zero Hour, and I’m a little Tipsy. I think I may up CHUK

Hello you bleeders, you melancholics, you misery addicts, come in, come in, Mistress Jessica has your fix, and you don’t even need to beg. Get up off your knees unless you’re going to get linguistically creative.

I was feeling rather apocalyptic and maudlin, and so I wrote something end of the world-ish, only like that great spinner of sad verse once said (in the very same poem, JennieSaia) the way my world ends is not with a bang, but a whimper.

It’s a bit sci-fi, a bit dystopian, a bit horror. It’s even a bit of a tear-jerker, if you’re capable of such things. I had my tear ducts surgically removed and replaced with little sacs of blood for more horrific effect when I cry.

It’s called Zero Hour, and you can find it today over on Tipsy Lit


Also, fresh on the heels of me actually discovering the title of the Bayou Bonhomme novel — CHUK — I immediately began to envision the look of the book, and the cover, etc….

I found an amazing font, and so I did a mock-up of a title page which I will now share with you for your very much amazement.



11 responses to “It’s Zero Hour, and I’m a little Tipsy. I think I may up CHUK

  1. Forgive me, but is CHUK the serialized novel you’ve been posting here? You were already well into it before I started following so I haven’t read any of it because I haven’t had the time to start from the beginning. Also, will you be publishing it when it’s finished?

    • Yes, CHUK has been known as “That Bayou story” for many months now, and finally, it has a name.
      I will definitely be publishing it one way or the other once it’s done — feel free to start at the beginning or wait until it’s finished.

    • That you have excellent taste — or perhaps that you taste excellent. Hmm…

      I have an excellent marinade recipe for long-pig I’ve been dying to try out.

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